There are many different ad formats for your advertising message. Each has its own advantages and meets a certain need. Today we want to talk about a format that is sometimes underestimated but is actually very effective: the In-Feed Ad.

What are In-Feed Ads?

These formats are becoming more popular these days. They are placed between editorial reading recommendations on feed-based websites and fit perfectly into the surrounding feed teasers. Consequently they do not disrupt the natural flow of reading and provide an interesting option for advertisers as well as for publishers. Especially now in times of the mobile shift  these formats become more and more important.

How do publishers and advertisers profit from In-Feed Ads?

They are particularly popular because they are not placed below the article but within the flow of reading. Our article page optimization infographic shows that only 30% of the users scroll to the end of a page where below the article ads are placed. As a result In-Feed Ads have a high visibility and an increased brand perception. This way publishers benefit from the high visibility which leads to an increased CPM. But they are also good for advertisers since the good placement results in a higher CTR.

plista compared the performance of both ad formats by doing a A/B Testing. See the results below:

In this image you can see a Case Study about Performance Optimization with In-Feed Ad

Case Study: Performance Optimization with In-Feed Ad

Of course every ad format has different advantages and goals that are adressed. Just get in contact with our advertiser team to find out how native ads support your marketing goals.

Author: Lucie Feldt