This section is meant to collect some of our experiences in working with a variety of technologies everyday. Therefore, when approaching very cutting-edge systems, it often leads us to go for custom solutions, which is a real pity to not share. Our goal is to share some tips and knowledge that is specifically all about the latest tech from our plista technology department. Specifically, we want to share our plista tech solutions.

A short description of our IT teams

Our IT teams comprise of very talented individuals who not only have the knowledge and tools to build and strengthen our technology, but also have the drive to do so. Thus, we would like to introduce our teams as follows:

  • Data Engineering
    • Data Product: Creating great products using data and machine learning. Scaling business with programmatic.
    • Core: Building the foundation of great products. Providing the groundwork to make data engineering fun.
    • Data Analytics: Tracking KPIs, providing data insights, discovering trends, supporting business analytics, algorithm development, A/B testing and data quality.
    • Machine Learning: Finding the best campaigns, the best recommendations, and the best algorithms.
  • DevOps
    • Providing, maintaining, and monitoring our cloud/bare metal plista infrastructure 24/7. Supporting other IT teams on projects, developing infrastructure codes, developing systems for deploying applications
  • Platform
    • The team is responsible for running and developing the current platforms. Depending on the specific platform, the tasks are mainly executed by either a backend developer, frontend developer, or both.
  • AdService
    • Team  consists of six creative and inspiring frontend-developers and web designers.
    • AdServices is responsible for creating and implementing the ads

Due to the continuous and rapid update in technology, we would like to invite you to follow along with our posts to stay up-to-date. To learn more about plista technology, feel free to check out our tech page.

Meanwhile, we hope that you enjoy reading our articles. Furthermore, we are happy to answer any questions or comments that you might have.

Your plista Tech Team