Native advertising goes global – the status of native advertising differs from country to country. In some markets it has become an essential part in the digital marketing mix, while in others it is still in the early stages of development. From London to Berlin over Hong Kong to New York: plista interviewed four native experts to gather insights about the current awareness and implementation of native ads. Watch the video now!

Native advertising in North America & EMEA

In North America native advertising is well established. “It is to hit over 16,8 billion in spin for native [advertising] and we are anticipating about 24% growth from 2016 to 2017”, states Elizabeth Harrington, Head of plista North America.  Nicolas Bidon, Global President Xaxis, explains that native in EMEA is currently at different stages, depending on the local markets: “But the common point across all of them is [rapid] growth pace of native.”

Native advertising in Asia Pacific & Canada

Also in Asia Pacific native advertising is growing. Serina Tsou, Head of plista Asia Pacific gives deeper insights: “In Australia native advertising used to be around 5% of digital spend, but this year it’s going to be 10%. China’s native advertising growth is about 200% in 2016.  So we are expecting more to come.” Jana Kusick, Global Managing Director plista, emphasizes again the diverse status of native advertising within the global market: “If you look for example to the US or Canada native advertising has been there for more years than it has been in the APAC region. In our German core market only the industry talks about native advertising since two or three years.”

Author & Filmmaker: Hannah Späth (Junior Manager Marketing & Communications)

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