The daily work of publishers is characterized by many challenges. Due to the rising count of ad blockers, discussions on fake news, and brand safety the demand for new solutions to increase traffic, website stickiness and optimize content monetization is growing.
Video advertising promises to overcome these issues. Moving picture is getting a big thing in the digital ads industry. But how can it help publishers to reach their goals?

Numbers tell us that video is a growing topic. A study from IAB in 2016 already indicated that marketers spend 10 Mio. $ in average for video ads annually with an increasing budget for the following years. This is why we see a great opportunity for publishers in this trend.

From our point of view there are two ways how news site can benefit from video advertising these days.

Indirect Impact on Publishers’ KPIs

On the one hand, video advertising can have an indirect impact on monetization of a news site. Video content is not only a short hype but here to stay.  YouTube receives more than one billion unique visitors every month. Publishers can benefit from this trend and produce their own videos. Thanks to unique content, users’ length of stay can be extended. This leads to increased traffic, more touch points to the customer and therefore to more possibilities of monetization through different shown ads on the site.

Video Advertising as Direct Solution

On the other hand video ads placed on the site can directly influence the monetization. Moving content attracts users’ attention more easily. Furthermore people are more likely to view and click on videos rather than react to simple ads.
Combined with a precise targeting, through analyzing users’ behavior and interests, campaigns can be more efficient and in the end successful. The satisfaction of customers is increased and traffic can be optimized in long-term.

But video is only one more, small piece of the various topics publishers need to consider in the near future. If you are interested in more insights from the publishers world be part of the Publisher Business Conference this year.

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plista will take part, too and our Global Director for Product Management Katharina Loukidis will talk more about how video can help you monetize your content.

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