Visibility is key for advertisers and publishers to be able to earn more revenue and spread their message. This is why we have just upgraded our Outstream Ad widgets and added a new feature: Sticky Video. The Sticky Video feature displays videos on the bottom right of the screen as users scroll down. This feature is great for those who seek to promote their campaigns without weakening the user experience and has proven to help online marketers’ KPIs to do well. Let us explain to you how.

Why Sticky Video?

We want to help you optimize your content success by offering a new feature to our Outstream Widgets and Ads. Therefore, we bring you Sticky Video. Its function of displaying videos on the bottom of the screen greatly affects your audience as it helps to promote a better user experience. With the Sticky Video feature, videos are placed in the visible area of the content without disrupting the reading flow of the user. Also, users have the freedom to close the video at any time, which does not hinder their online experience.

In addition to the ideal unobtrusive reception of the Sticky Video, its highest advantage of benefit is the increased visibility that earns a potentially longer viewing duration. From its native position, videos are placed in the visible range of the user for a longer amount of time through this feature, which consequently receives much more attention.

How optimizing with Sticky Video more than tripled clients’ video viewability

Our Sticky Video ad feature performed well with some of our publisher clients in Australia and Germany. By implementing the feature, our Australian client’s video campaign performance more than doubled at 195% in viewability. Meanwhile, our German client’s campaign performance more than tripled at 235%. The impact made from our scrolling ad formats is that in less than a three month timeframe, the publishers’ video featuring Sticky Video brought in an uplift of over 200% in completed views. Also, the users’ Sticky Video exposure of more than six seconds on both clients’ platforms greatly increased. This means that the videos received more attention through its longer visible appearance.

The key takeaway is that our new Outstream Feature, Sticky Video, helps to improve viewability for your video content or campaign. We are always looking to optimize our products, service, and most importantly, our clients’ goals for success.

If you have any inquiries or interest regarding our Sticky Video ad feature, feel free to contact your account manager.

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