Let’s face it, these times are challenging. We are left with uncertainty on how to proceed with our online marketing strategies and digital activities. “How can we sustain our business right now?” “Is it wise to push our advertisements out during this time?” may be some of the questions we are all currently facing when it comes to considering our next strategy move. We gathered some insights that may help you answer these questions, and better yet, inspire on how to navigate through your online marketing goals during this time. Check out our infographic below.

Relevant content is more valuable than ever: advertise for the greater good

We recently shared some tips and food for thought on what opportunities are out there during this time. Despite the misconception that advertisers should stop their marketing activities during this time, 70% users actually welcome branded ads if they are helpful and reassuring. Meanwhile, another misconception is the lost chance of reaching consumers online for content and/or shopping. Quite the opposite, users’ online news consumption has increased by 83% while a staggering 61%, majority of Germany’s population, is now regularly shopping online or has considered this. Think about it. With majority of the world practicing social distancing or are forced to stay home, there’s only so much an individual can do during this time. With that said, content matters, especially now!

How to branch these opportunities with your advertising goals

Based on our infographic and insights above, we can see that there has been a 50% increase in Germans shopping online. Also, during this time, 65% users are looking to brands that they already know- this means that consumers are still committed! Despite the current times, it’s important not to exploit the situation, however, it’s just as important to not completely stop all marketing activities that could potentially harm advertisers’ long-term goals. According to a Millward Brown Study, since this pandemic, 60% of brands disappeared from media screens due to the potential lack of maintaining visibility. The takeaway? Do not hesitate, and leverage these chances!

Remember, it’s important to find a balance between appropriate advertising and strategic marketing. We at plista are here for you. Reach out to us for any consultation or support. With our ad solutions and supportive customer service, we offer native ad formats and Shoppable Video ad formats that will help you achieve your performance goals. Meanwhile, we also offer our Branded Player and Social Ad formats that will help you achieve your branding goals. Stay safe, healthy, and optimistic!