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Case Study on AMP: Doubled Revenue – Tripled Engagement

The Accelareted Mobile Pages (AMP) Project just celebrated its first birthday.  In a case study on AMP, plista looks at the profits for publishers in detail.

We see it every day on our way to work: People waiting for the bus or sitting on the train, reading the news on their smartphones.
It is obvious that nowadays users prefer to consume information online, especially mobile. plista retraces this trend and observes a 10 times higher revenue growth in mobile ads within the last three years.

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Programmatic, Native Advertising, Mobile & Co: 5 Trends from the dmexco 2016 Every Marketer Should Know

Market leaders, global players and future-oriented start-ups from the digital marketing sector made the dmexco 2016 a great success:  More than 1,000 companies exhibited on September 14th and 15th in Cologne. Over 50,000 international visitors from the marketing, technology, creative and media sectors used the exhibition and conference as a business and information platform. We were part of this great event and want to outline 5 dmexco trends every marketer should know:

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Native going native: A brief to fit 1000 countries

More industry consolidation will lead to native advertising success

Native advertising means one thing to Brits and another thing to a Chinese audience. Europeans consume content differently than Americans. For native content to truly go native, understanding and working with cultural differences is pivotal.

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Infographic: Rise of Data Driven Native Advertising

The most recent reinvention of native advertising bridges the gap between native and real-time, data-driven advertising. This represents a better strategy for marketers to understand and engage their target audiences while still relying on the success of content-related marketing approaches such as native advertising. That’s also where programmatic comes in. Publishers and marketers can come together to offer high quality content, enhanced relevancy and unobtrusive advertisements at scale. Check out our infographic to learn how the Rise of Data Driven Native Advertising can help marketers as well as publishers achieve their goals.

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Customer interview: “Native advertising has become an essential component in our online marketing mix”

If you want to succeed in online marketing, native advertising is a must. There are plenty of white papers and guides to native advertising, but how does it work in practice? In this interview, Marc Senges, Online Marketing Manager for Precon Services AG, shares insights into his company’s strategy and explains how plista can help increase direct sales, brand awareness and customer retention in the FMCG sector. Continue reading

Kundeninterview: “Native Advertising ist zum unverzichtbaren Bestandteil unseres Online-Marketing-Mixes geworden“

Wer mit Online Marketing erfolgreich sein möchte, kommt an Native Advertising nicht mehr vorbei. Whitepaper und Guides zu Native Advertising gibt es genug, doch wie sieht es in der Praxis aus? Im Interview gewährt Marc Senges, Online Marketing Manager bei Precon Services AG, Einblicke in die Strategie des Unternehmens und erklärt, wie sich Direct Sales, Brand Awareness und Bestandskundenbindung im FMCG-Bereich mit Hilfe von plista steigern lassen.

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Mobile Advertising: 5 Erfolgsfaktoren für Mobile-Kampagnen

Smartphones sind so gefragt wie nie: Laut einer Umfrage des Digitalverbandes Bitkom besitzen sechs von zehn Deutschen über 14 Jahren ein Smartphone, das sind 63 Prozent der Bundesbürger in dieser Altersgruppe. Weltweit verfügen bereits 3,4 Mrd. Menschen über ein Smartphone, bis 2021 sollen es sogar 6,4 Mrd. werden. Nicht nur die Zahl mobiler Geräte verzeichnet rapide Zuwächse, auch ihre Nutzung steigt exponentiell. So rechnet der Eriksson Mobility Report mit einem 10-fachen Anstieg des mobilen Datentraffics in den kommenden 6 Jahren.

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