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Part 6 – “Traveling” Through plista Teams around the World

With over 25 markets and over 200 employees worldwide, we are grateful and motivated to proudly stand as a global family. To help celebrate our anticipating 10th birthday, we asked our international, plistarian family to share a bit about themselves as we celebrate our diversity as the global platform for data-driven native advertising. Explore and “digitally travel” on through some of our international markets’ world and read on to learn more about our global plistarians and their respective markets.

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New Product: Get to know the plista Native InFeed Ads and InFeed Widget


Feed-based websites such as BuzzFeed are becoming increasingly popular. They do not only create a new way to distribute and consume editorial content but also require specific advertising solutions that fit their functionality. Perfectly tailored to the user experience of article feeds, plista’s brand new Native InFeed Ads combine in-feed placement with a native format – and help both advertisers and publishers tap the full potential of feed-based websites.

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Infographic: 10 facts you should know about Native Advertising

10 facts you should know about Native Advertising

Native Advertising has been one of the major trends in online marketing in 2015 and will continue to gain importance throughout 2016 and beyond.
The following infographic shows all the relevant key factors from overall budget expenses to the impact of Native Ads.

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Infographic: The most important KPIs in Content Marketing


Image: ©iStock/ojogabonitoo

Content marketing is not an end in itself, but pursues specific, pre-defined objectives. With the help of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in Content Marketing, you can measure the results of your content marketing strategy precisely. By converting your marketing goals into measurable units, you can identify success factors as well as reveal and optimize weak points. In our infographic we present the most important metrics in content marketing that you can use for your performance measurement.

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New interface for the plista self-service booking portal for more effective ad campaign creation

From now on, the plista self-service booking portal offers a new interface for campaign creation. The expanded specifications for advertising materials take into account the varying needs of publishers for text-image recommendations. As a result, ads and content teasers are automatically delivered in the appropriate format and campaigns can be designed more effectively. In addition, the updated entry form now includes an intelligent check box that assists advertisers in creating the ideal sets of advertising materials.

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