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Digital Trends: Google Is Shifting to a Mobile-First Index – What Marketers Need to Know to Prepare

As mobile search queries surpassed desktop queries, Google is shifting to a Mobile-First Index! In order to be well prepared, marketers have to ensure they have a mobile-friendly website, consider if content should be adjusted for mobile and prioritize the factors that are important in this new Mobile-First Index. Today in plista Digital Trends we offer an article on how to prepare for Google’s Mobile-First Index,  an infographic about the major boost of programmatic this holiday season, a native view on 2016/2017,  50 best social media tools and more!

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Digital Trends: How to Capture Christmas Clicks

Christmas is about to come and advertisers are facing the great opportunity to increase their sales. Well prepared marketers can gain a lot of money now, if they follow the right strategy. Knowing, which product type works best at what time is a valuable insight for any marketer. Today in plista Digital Trends we offer a video on how to capture Christmas clicks, 10 key take-outs for native advertising success, an infographic on the essence of ecommerce email marketing, 8 facts about Google´s algorithm that you probably did not know yet and more!

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Digital Trends: How to Use Content Marketing to Enhance Brand Perception

Content marketing can be a powerful tool for marketers, given that its implementation is thought through and professional. In order to strengthen a brand’s perception by content, components like quality and brand trust have to be considered. Today in plista Digital Trends we offer 5 tips to enhance brand perception, a test on which jobs might be taken over by machines, a case study on mobile design optimization, an infographic about the most successful holiday marketing campaigns and more.

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Digital Trends: 4 Steps to Avoid Ad Blocking

Ad blockers are a recurring problem for publishers and advertisers. As advertising revenue is essential for both sides, new solutions are indispensable. The IAB LEAN project shows an approach on how to deal with the issue in the future. Today in plista Digital Trends we offer 4 steps to avoid ad blocking, a survey on what gen z and millennials love and hate about instagram and snapchat, an infographic on how to reach holiday shoppers around Europe, an outlook on big data and more.

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Digital Trends: How to Create a Successful YouTube Channel

In order to publish good and engaging content, marketers need to focus on building up their channels the right way. Following detailed step by step guides can help you with that. With this in mind this week’s topics are: How to create a successful YouTube channel, 16 innovative content formats that audiences and publishers love and a 10-step guide for running an Instagram contest.

Digital Trends: How to Create a successful YouTube Channel

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Digital Trends: Was Marketer von Tinder lernen können

Über 50 Millionen Menschen verbringen durchschnittlich 90 Minuten am Tag auf Tinder – Zahlen, die auch Marketern das Herz höher schlagen lassen. In der heutigen Ausgabe von Digital Trends stellen wir Ihnen 5 Dinge vor, die Marketer von der Dating App lernen können. Weitere Themen sind u. a. 29 Tipps für den Instagram-Erfolg, 5 Regeln für Produktbeschreibungen im E-Commerce und wer im Wettrennen zwischen Mobile vs. Desktop die Nase vorne hat.

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