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5 Key Takeaways from dmexco 2017

Dmexco 2017 is over! After two full days of discussion, trends and insights into the digital marketing environment, we saw many different topics emerging within the industry: digital disruption through voice control, transparency as a challenge for all parties, artificial intelligence as chance, using one’s own data sets and the still standing programmatic advertising as a long-term discussed topic.

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Why In-Feed Ads Improve Your Performance

There are many different ad formats for your advertising message. Each has its own advantages and meets a certain need. Today we want to talk about a format that is sometimes underestimated but is actually very effective: the In-Feed Ad.

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Five dmexco Trends You Should Keep in Mind

It’s this time of the year again. More than 50.000 visitors and 1.000 exhibitors from all over the world will be at this years’ dmexco conference with the motto ‘Lightening the Age of Transformation’ in Cologne. Let’s have a look on this year’s trends which we think are important to have in mind for dmexco.

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Native Advertising vs. Content Marketing – Where Is the Difference?

In Online Marketing the terms native advertising and content marketing often get interchanged. But they describe different marketing approaches. To erase established uncertainties, let’s start with a definition by outlining some of the key differences.

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Video Advertising – the Holy Grail for Content Monetization?

The daily work of publishers is characterized by many challenges. Due to the rising count of ad blockers, discussions on fake news, and brand safety the demand for new solutions to increase traffic, website stickiness and optimize content monetization is growing.
Video advertising promises to overcome these issues. Moving picture is getting a big thing in the digital ads industry. But how can it help publishers to reach their goals?

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Data-Driven Marketing – The Key to Success

Email-, tele-, radio- , print marketing & more: Nowadays, there are many different ways to advertise.  Marketing is one of the most important success factors for a business. It ensures the success of the company in the long term by raising its name recognition and brand awareness and consequently increases its sales. But what is the best marketing strategy and how is it possible to address the right audience?

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Chatbots and Native – The Future of Advertising

Chatbots are enjoying great popularity these days and are helpful in many different situations:  There is a company that launched a chatbot that helps people to improve their credit score for instance. Another one helps users to contest parking tickets that were unfairly issued. Chatbots can also help you order a pizza, or give you medical or legal advice.

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Infographic: Tips for Successful Native Content Distribution

To push branded content successfully, the right distribution is a key factor.

Through native content distribution, advertisers can offer their audience an added value and represent the brand as an expert of this topic. To achieve the objectives it is important to be aware of elementary facts. These can be crucial for the success of created ads and for reaching the right target group.

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4 Learnings from Online Marketing Rockstars Festival 2017

One week ago, the Online Marketing Rockstars Festival 2017 took place in Hamburg. It is one of the biggest events within the German digital marketing industry. Obviously, plista was also part of the conference to gather deeper insights on current developments, and participated at the content marketing panel to share our point of view.

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All About the Mix – Native Advertising Within the Media Mix

Various channels and platforms build the modern digital media mix. We often get asked where native advertising is sitting within the mix. In the following, we want to show you how you can benefit from native advertising and where it is positioned.

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