On March 8th and 15th the plista mensa was full of delicous food, interesting people and arabic music. plista hosted a Syrian Cooking Dinner for refugees and employees. VISIONEERS  made this happen, a company with the mission to empower professionals to tackle global challenges by connecting the striving business scene with the charitable world.

Cutting, cooking and decorating together

At 4 pm the cooking event started in our plista mensa with 4 plista employees and the refugee cooking team. Preparing the meal, speaking a mix of German, English, Arabic or with hands and feet. The chef Issam coordinated the menu: The first time we enjoyed a tasty mix of Mlockia, Piriani, Baba ganog, Mutabl, Fatusch and Tapule. One week later, the meal was a combination of Fatit mackdos, Kabab hindi, Mnazala , Fasolia kadra, Fatusch and Awukato.


Eating, talking and laughing together

At 7 pm 15 refugees and 20 plista employees shared the delicious Syrian meal together. Even without always understanding the other’s language, everyone quickly got into a conversation. Dining in an Arabic atmosphere, we learned about the culture, dreams, problems and hopes of the refugees. At the same time, our guests got some insights about our (working) life as well.

Working in Germany: Challenges and hopes

In Germany it is not so easy to get a job for refugees without a European education. VISIONEERS’ concept is to help people fulfill their vision of (working) life. Omar, a Syrian tailor, wants to create dresses. So VISIONEERS organized a sewing course for refugees . Idris, a Syrian hairdresser, is also looking forward to finding a job.  Omar from Iraq would like to work as a translator or facility manager. As he speaks English, he translates on events from VISIONEERS. Issam, the head cook, is happy to have the possibility to cook again on projects like the Syrian Cooking Dinner with companies. And we are happy to support them by having a great meal with people from all over the world!



It was a pleasure to share the evening with the refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Thanks to VISIONEERS for making this happen! If you also want to support refugees with VISIONEERS, check out their website here.

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