As a partner of thousands of publishers worldwide, one of plista’s main objectives is to support website operators with a 360° service and help them get the most out of their websites. Therefore, we have fundamentally revised our publisher dashboard: With its user-friendly interface and a vast range of features, the new dashboard provides plista publishers with even more comprehensive insights and real-time analytics.

The publisher dashboard serves as an individual monitoring tool for all publishers using plista recommendation widgets. It enables publishers to access a large number of insights about the performance of their article and ad recommendations. Numerous statistics show in real-time which articles are clicked most often, which are the current traffic sources and what devices are used to access the website. These valuable insights help you optimize the user experience and content offerings on your website. Last but not least, the updated dashboard is distinguished by its user-friendly interface that makes monitoring comfortable and easy.

The publisher dashboard is available in Australia, DACH Countries (Austria, Germany, Switzerland), Poland, the Netherlands and United Kingdom.

The new publisher dashboard consists of the following areas offering different levels of insights:


“Domains” offers the most essential KPIs for your complete domain portfolio at a glance: ad revenue, widget impressions, eCPM, ad and content clicks, vCTR etc. You can also keep track of each value’s development over the last seven days.

Content Insights

“Content Insights” provides specific insights for every domain. Thanks to real-time analyses you are always up-to-date which articles and categories are performing best and which devices are being used to access your website. In addition, you can also view where the traffic to your site originates. An interactive map shows you the number of widget impressions by country and region.

Content & Ad Stats

“Content Stats” and “Ad Stats” give you full control over the performance of your content and ad recommendations in the plista Recommendation Widgets. You are able to flexibly compare and graph selected KPIs – for any period of time you choose. By looking at their changes by weekday, calendar week or month, you are able to detect long-term trends easily. The beta version offers you even more granular insights. Of course, you can export all dashboard statistics as an Excel table with a single click.

Author: Milko Malev, Global Head of Marketing & Communications at plista