Recommending the most read articles is a common practice among publishers in order to offer relevant content to their visitors. But that is just one of various criteria that may have impact on readers choice. In comparison, plista’s proprietary Recommendation Technology takes also user-based information into account to target the individual interests of every reader. In a 10-month A/B test with a leading publisher’s, plista’s user-centric approach helped increase visible CTR and native ads revenue significantly.

The test compared two widgets with identical layout, size and position. Both widgets included four on-site recommendations and two targeted plista Native Recommendation Ads. First, the widget displayed “MOST READ” article to every user. After five months, the publisher implemented the full plista Article Widget. In so doing, the self-generated recommendations were replaced by user-individual article recommendations for the same period of time. The higher user relevance of plista recommendations resulted in a 48% higher visible CTR. Furthermore, the publisher was able to increase its plista Native Ads revenue by 69%. For more details about the test download our publisher case study.