User experience on websites is essential, so is a good ad experience. Publishers benefit from an attractive web design and a neat integration of ads, which leads to more page impressions, higher CTR and a greater length of stay. Our case study shows the major impact of design on widget performance and how plista can help publishers optimize their results.

A German TV News Channel integrated two plista widgets on its website: the Article Widget and the Video Widget. Our technical publisher support team improved the Article Widget design by adapting font and image size to article setup, while the Video Widget received a transparent background. This way, the transition from article to Recommendation Widgets is not interrupted anymore. Those small differences have led to significant KPI improvements. The outcome highlights the benefits of native advertising: when ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed, user are more likely to recognize article recommendations and ads, which engages users to interact.

After the described adaptation by plista, the Video Widget scored a 16% higher CTR than before, while eCPM rised by 31%. The eCPM of the Article Widget even increased by 81%, proving the importance of an optimal visual integration of Recommendation Widgets.


Author: Melanie Schulz