Feed-based websites such as BuzzFeed are becoming increasingly popular. They do not only create a new way to distribute and consume editorial content but also require specific advertising solutions that fit their functionality. Perfectly tailored to the user experience of article feeds, plista’s brand new Native InFeed Ads combine in-feed placement with a native format – and help both advertisers and publishers tap the full potential of feed-based websites.

User engagement and high credibility

Native InFeed Ads are placed as text-image recommendations between teasers on feed-based websites. Matching the look and feel of the editorial content, they perfectly fit into every article feed. This truly native placement is the key to effectivity: Unlike display banners or layer ads, Native InFeed Ads do not disrupt the natural flow of reading. As a result, users don’t feel annoyed and the advertising message enjoys a high level of acceptance. Thanks to the informative combination of text and image, the users also consciously decide to engage with the content or ads. This way, advertisers benefit from high page view rates, longer visit duration and lower bounce rates.

Last but not least: Our recommendation platform comprises thousands of renowned publishers worldwide and has always been a crucial factor for the outstanding success of plista campaigns. Since the ads are placed directly between the article teasers, the premium environment increases the credibility of the recommendations and ensures a more positive brand perception.

Sustainable revenue boost for feed-based websites

On the other hand, publishers can create new ad inventory within their website feed by implementing plista’s InFeed Widget – without cannibalizing display inventory. The InFeed Widget enables the placement of ads and sponsored content between feed teasers, perfectly adapted to website’s design. The ad delivery is user-centric and takes into account readers’ individual reading and clicking behavior. This increases the relevance of the recommendations for the individual user, and thus the success of the campaign – a win-win situation for both advertisers and publishers.

With our new in-feed format we not only serve a custom-made solution for feed-based websites, but also enable advertising companies to create native campaigns with even greater reach – across all channels and devices. By combining several plista formats such as Native Recommendation Ads, Content Distribution and InFeed Ads, marketers can make the most of Native Advertising and spend their budgets with an optimum ROI.

Get in touch with your local contact person and learn more about our brand new InFeed products for advertisers and publishers Ads. Both products are available as of now in our current markets in the Netherlands, the UK, Poland and Australia, as well as in the whole GSA area (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

Author: Milko Malev, Global Head of Marketing & Communications