Native advertising is growing and its future is bright. What comes up next? plista interviewed three native experts about the future of native advertising and gained insights about the native ad industry. Stay up to date marketers, publishers, advertisers, media buyers and ad tech professionals: Watch the plista Native Talk #2 video now to get to know the latest native trends!

Programmatic & Data Are the Future of Native Advertising

Nicolas Bidon, Global President Xaxis explains: “In the short term, we will see more publishers continue to adopt native formats.” He adds that it’s necessary to make these native formats available more programmatically. He predicts an increasing demand from “advertisers who want to capitalize on this less intrusive way to talk to their audience”.

Jana Kusick, Global Managing Director plista points out data. Since most of the companies have a lot of data, for her it’s now time to ask the two following questions: “What data do I need to reach my consumers? And how can I use data in a smart way?”

Native Advertising Goes Mobile & Video

Besides a programmatic push in native advertising, Elizabeth Harrington, Head of plista North America believes that “more and more outstream video could become a big play, as well as mobile.”

Jana Kusick mentions the need “to find smart solutions to help publishers monetize their mobile and video inventory”. In her opinion another important development is, that marketers “create the right story and get the message out to the consumers “. For her the future of native advertising is the bridge between format, creativity and data.

To sum up, native is here to stay and comes up with a programmatic approach, smart data, video and mobile advertising. publishers and advertisers shouldn’t miss this trend for a bright future.

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