If you want to be innovative and proceed to develop outstanding products, it is essential to hear what users think. We recently asked our collaborating publishers to give us feedback on their experience in working with plista.

We found that publishers using plista are exceptionally satisfied with our services. This is due to our offer of high-quality service combined with our promising algorithms and premium publisher relations. Check out our feedback infographic below to have a look at what our publishers had to say . See how we as plista have been constantly delivering  our unique, 360 full-circle service.

plista’s satisfying service

Publishers who work with plista from all over the world have given their input, and you will find that they resonate best with our USP. Our high and positive response rate is due to the various services that we offer. We found that over half of our publishers exclusively use plista for their traffic amplification. Most publishers using plista have access to an exceptionally competent and responsive direct person of contact. This leads them to rate us in favor of great, high-quality service. We also recognize that publishers mostly use our popular article widget followed by our in-feed widgets, which are currently on the rise.

 What does success mean from a publisher’s perspective?

Overall, we have discovered that what publishers need to stay committed and find success is through high-quality service: at the end of the day, publishers not only want high traffic, but rather effective ways to monetize. Here at plista, our services can ensure a quality exposure and fulfill publishers’ needs.

In this image you can see the feedback of the plista publisher, which is very positive.

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