plista takes the increasing importance of mobile internet into account and is one of the first technology companies to support the Accelerated Mobile Pages project by Google. This way, we help our publishing partners to increase the loading speed of their websites in order to improve their allover mobile experience, reduce bounce rate and secure important ad revenue.

The AMP project by Google improves the mobile web experience and aims to make it even more competitive. Due to its performance-optimized technical architecture, Accelerated Mobile Pages make slow website loading a thing of the past. Compared to common HTML websites, the new open source standard prioritizes speed by using a very limited set of tags. The “light-weighted” AMP files are stored in Google’s high-performance global CDN. As a result, content needs much less time to reach users’ mobile device. This way, users are able to enjoy an extremely fast and seamless mobile experience.

The goals of Accelerated Mobile Pages are in line with plista’s corporate vision to build a better online experience by providing a personalized internet to every user across the world. As an innovation-driven company, plista joined the project from the very beginning since Google announced AMP back in October 2015.

Overall improvement of mobile web experience

First of all, plista’s integration into AMP offers numerous advantages for publishers:

  • Short loading time: Providing content within a short period of time is crucial for publishers: a case study by Soasta shows that the bounce rate can be as high as 58% for web pages that take nearly ten seconds to load. AMP ensures that plista Recommendation and InFeed Widgets are loaded asynchronously to speed up the loading time.  This has a positive impact on users’ length of stay and can increase website’s stickiness significantly.
  • Reliable monetization & content distribution: A big part of website data comes from advertising and is sometimes responsible for slowing down the loading speed. This may result in loss of users – and revenue. Accordingly, one of AMP’s main goals is to ensure effective and reliable monetization on the mobile web for publishers. Thanks to the AMP integration of plista, all widgets provide a fast reading experience without limiting advertising or cutting tracking and analytics capabilities. Respectively, content and advertising appear correctly on all up-to-date mobile devices and browsers. Publishers reap a two-fold benefit: by securing a sustainable on-site/cross-site traffic and generating ad revenue.
  • Easy integration: Last but not least, the integration of the plista AMP Widgets is quick and easy without organizational effort.

Advertisers and users also benefit from AMP

plista Advertisers also benefit from the plista integration into Accelerated Mobile Pages. Usually, iframes don’t allow the advertiser to track the visibility. However, AMP allows plista to implement ad viewability tracking and monitor the results of ad campaigns within the AMP iframe. What is more, although Apple devices don’t allow setting cookies when integrated via iframe, Accelerated Mobile Pages enables plista to use 1st party cookies, so we can ensure frequency capping, etc. and provide a better targeting on iOS devices.

The AMP standard also supports the interests of users who matter about security by enforcing all participating partners to use HTTPS. This way, users enjoy a fast AND secure web experience on their mobile devices.

In a nutshell, Google AMP offers numerous benefits for all parties and is a huge step towards to a truely “mobile first” internet. As one of the first plista partners, renowned publishing houses Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung GmbH, Funke Digital and Abendzeitung München already successfully integrated our AMP ready widgets.

If you want to integrate the plista AMP ready Recommendation and InFeed Widgets (incl. Article, Top Article and Video Widget as well as Outsteam Ads & InFeed Widget), please contact your local plista publisher development manager. To learn more about Accelerated Mobile Pages visit the AMP project website.

Author: Milko MalevGlobal Head of Marketing & Communications at plista