It’s a big milestone for plista Australia this week as the team celebrates the completion of its first year in business. Since launch, plista Australia has won significant publisher share in 2015 having launched on over 100 sites including the most premium inventory in the market.

“We beat expectations on how quickly we’d grow and being able to integrate Plista with publishers, to get across more than 100 different websites, also across the top four Australian networks – it’s been big.”, said Brett Poole in an article on AdNews.

Brett is our General Manager for plista Australia and joined the company six months ago. He further says to AdNews: “In a new market when you’re talking to publishers and advertisers you have to be a nimble in where you went with your products, fortunately we still have similar products, but one thing, not on the advertiser revenue side, is that we want to be powered more by data.

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank all our advertising and publisher partners who, from day one, have placed their trust in our best-of-breed technology and its ability to provide the right recommendations at the right time for their customers.

For further information regarding plista Australia and the product offering for advertisers and publishers, please visit our website.