Over the last 10 years, we have been grateful to have so many clients working with us, whether they are publishers or advertisers worldwide. Not only is it about business, it is also about a trusting and efficient professional relationship. Over the years, plista has stayed true to committing to its clients and in delivering the best services as possible. Due to this, we are happy to see the reciprocation of our clients satisfied with our work. Therefore, today, for our 10 years plista blog special, we would like to share some thoughtful birthday wishes that our clients have sent us for plista’s future!

#1 – Süddeutsche Zeitung

From online German newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Advertiser Manager, Jürgen Maukner, greets,

“Dear plista team,

We thank you for the trusting cooperation in the past years and warmly congratulate you on your 10th anniversary. To a further exciting and successful cooperation!” Thank you, Süddeutsche!

#2 – DuMont Next

From the Cologne-based media group, DuMont, Stephan Kliche, Head of Revenue Streams, greets,

“Dear Plista,

For your 10th birthday, we wish you to stay as you are: #cool, #professional, #funky, #performant, #innovative, #compatible, and ‘#einfachdufte.’  We are proud of our nearly-10-year special partnership and are looking forward to celebrating these two anniversaries with you.

To the next decade!

Your DuMont.next team”

Many great thanks to you, DuMont!

#3 – Sixt Leasing SE

Manager of Online Marketing, André Stoiber, from German-based car-leasing company, SIXT Leasing, greets, “Thank you for the great cooperation in the past years, because with you- not only the product, but above all the employees- make the difference! The entire Sixt new car team wishes plista a wholeheartedly 10 more exciting and successful years.” Thank you, SIXT!

#4 – n-tv

Eva Messerschmidt, the Head of Sales and Digital Products from German television news channel, n-tv, shares, “In plista, we have had a reliable partner for many years, and we look forward to continuing our good and trusting cooperation. We wish you all the best for the first decadal anniversary! Keep it up!” Thank you for the well wishes, n-tv!

#5 – United Internet Media

Rasmus Giese, the CEO of German-based internet services company, United Internet Media, personally shares, “We wish plista all the best for its 10th anniversary. We have been working together successfully for six years now. We would like to thank you for the open, friendly, and always-professional cooperation. To a good cooperation for many more years.” Thank you, Rasmus and United Internet Media!

#6 – eComCon

Bulent Cakir, part of General Management from German programmatic media agency, eComCon, greets, “I’ve known plista since its inception – it’s still a lot of fun to work together, and the spirit of optimism that has prevailed in those days can be felt today with all employees. We congratulate plista on its 10th anniversary!” Thanks for the kind and reminiscing words, eComCon!

#7 – Laola1

Daniel Siöberg, Head of Programmatic Advertising, greets on behalf of Austrian online sports news portal, Laola.1.at, “Happy Birthday plista! We are pleased to see that co-operation partners are developing so well and have grown with us. It may still take a bit of time until the age of majority, but have a well-behaved celebration.” Thank you Laola1!

#8 – OVB24

Part of Bavarian-based publisher’s management, OVB24, Florian Schiller says, “Congratulations on the 10th anniversary from Rosenheim. As a partner, we are happy to accompany such an impressive success story.” Thank you OVB24 for the kind words!

#9 – Moving Adventures Media GmbH

Freya Bretnütz from Munich-based media communication agency, Moving Adventures Media, shares, “Dear plista team, we congratulate you on your 10th anniversary and would like to thank you for the great and uncomplicated cooperation. We look forward to more projects together with you!” Thank you, Moving Adventures!

#10 – General Anzeiger Bonn

Bonn-based regional daily newspaper, General-Anzeiger’s Christoph Allerding from Online Marketing shares, “Many congratulations to the plista team to their 10th anniversary, and many thanks for the reliable article recommendations as well as the successful and always nice cooperation. To the next 10 years and more!” Thank you, General-Anzeiger!

#11 – Sächsische Zeitung Online

Based in Dresden, Germany, Sächsische Zeitung GmbH’s Tobias Irmer on behalf of Manager Cooperation greets, “Dear Plistarians, congratulations to the first decade, and may all the ingenuity be with you. Best wishes!” Thank you, Sächsische Zeitung!

#12 – Sombrero GmbH

Key Account Manager from German-based domain escrow service, Sombrero GmbH, Alexander Schüller, shares, “Dear Plista team, thank you for the pleasant cooperation and all the help! We wish you continued success for the next 10 years and a great anniversary celebration!” Thank you, Sombrero!

Thank you to all our wonderful clients that we have worked with over the last 10 years; because of you, we would not be able to make it to where we are today! With that, we look forward to what’s to come in the next 10 years.

Stay tuned for part eight of our “10 Years plista” blog series to learn more about plista and in celebrating our 10 year anniversary!

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