In this week’s 10 Years plista, we wanted to share some of our clients’ most memorable and interesting campaigns. Over the last 10 years, we have grown in our technology, service, and of course our varied clientele. Read along and check out our picks of some of the most creative and fun campaigns created with our implemented plista widgets.

1. Bayern 1 wants Viel Collins!

Translation: “From Phil Collins to Prince. The best music for Bayern.”

In this image you can see a plista campaign from Bayern 1

This Bavarian public radio station, Bayern 1, made it on our list as its hook of polar famous artists – pop rock star, Phil Collins, and pop king, Prince is definitely a way to catch its musically-familiar viewer. What is most creative here is the pun that lies in the large, attention-grabbing red text, “VIEL COLLINS!” Reading the German text, which means, “many Collins,” phonetically matches the pronunciation of singer, “Phil Collins.” Clever.

2. Bayerische Regiobahn seeking the young folk

Translation: “Would you like to be a train driver? BRB is looking for train drivers who is also a cross-beginner.”

In this image you can see a plista campaign from Bayerische Regiobahn

If you are a non-native German speaker, this may be a bit tricky. Nonetheless, this Bavarian train company, Bayerische Regiobahn, or Bavarian Regional, made it onto our creative campaign list for its play on words. “Bock” is a term for the young German generation, meaning “I would like to.” “Lock” is the short term for “Lokomotive,” or locomotive in English. Thus, BRB’s clever rhyme, “Bock auf Lok” definitely reaches out to the younger folk who are seeking a job. This witty play of words paired with an image of a friendly train driver definitely appeal to its viewers.

3. Conchita Wurst’s Bayern 3 cameo

Translation: “The Bayern 3 Promo Quiz. Learn more.”

In this image you can see a plista campaign from Bayern 3

For context, this campaign is promoting Bavarian radio station, Bayern 3’s, Celebrity Quiz. This promo quiz offers a lump sum of 1,000 euros if you answer the first question correctly within five seconds. So then, why does this sausage campaign make our list? If you are familiar with Eurovision, you may have heard of the famous Austrian singer and drag queen, Conchita Wurst. Tying into the theme of the celebrity promo quiz, “wurst,” in German means sausage, hence the image of the sausage following the “Conchita” sign. At first glance, it may appear to be quite random, however, this clever play on words and visuals are sure to attract Conchita Wurst fans and online users alike.

4. Geberit’s touch-of-a-button AquaClean

Translation: “Geberit AquaClean. The shower toilet. Cleanliness at the touch of a button.  Amazingly versatile.”

In this image you can see a plista campaign from GEBERIT

Geberit, a sanitary manufacturing company, made it to our creative list of campaigns because of its innovative decision of promoting its product through native advertising. This is visually a unique way to promote a sanitary product. The invisible toilet outline that the model sits on illustrates an airy, or invisible-like atmosphere, almost looking editorial-esque. This sleek, and clean-designed campaign fits into the text. Using the toilet has never looked so good!

As the global platform for data-driven native advertising, we have come across plenty of fun and creative campaigns for the last ten years. We are looking forward to many more campaigns to come!

Stay tuned for part six of our “10 Years plista” blog series to learn more about plista and in celebrating our 10 year anniversary!

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