With 10 years in the native advertising industry under our belt, plista has come a long way. Over the years, we have grown up immensely in many ways. Our transition from a startup to a company holding opened many doors. Needless to say, the opportunities that flourished gave us a major way of growing up; adding more plistarians to the plista family!

Who are the “plistarians?”

Have you ever wondered to yourself, “Who works at plista?” In our previous piece about 10 plista facts and figures, we noted that we have over 200 employees worldwide. We even have very international teammates with 32 different nationalities! We are proud to share that we have a very diverse team of talented, fun, and hard-working individuals who often come into the office with great motivation, excitement, and team spirit!

Meet your plista pals

This week on our special blog series, “10 Years plista,” we want to share with you 10 plista faces! We interviewed ten plistarians across all our departments to talk about themselves. In these intervews, they shared about who they are and their experience in working with plista. These plistarians even recollected memories that they have not only at work in the office, but also the shared ones with their colleagues.

From our famous, themed Christmas parties to our annual company trip, our “plista pals” are happy to share their experiences at plista with you. Check out our “10 plista Faces” video below!

Stay tuned for part four of our “10 Years plista” blog series to learn more about plista and in celebrating our 10 year anniversary!

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