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Digital Trends: How to Select the Best Images for Your Content

Images and videos are essential in our visual world to reach a wider audience and to get people engaged. They need to be carefully planned and selected to add true value to your marketing mix. They should be visually appealing, relevant and appropriate for your company and the marketing channel. With this in mind this week’s topics are how to select the best images for your content, how reviews influence women’s shopping decisions, a guide to  for creating a 360-degree video and more!

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Digital Trends: How to Perfect Your Brand Language

One of the ways brands can earn the right to be considered among the best, as well as differentiate themselves, is through ‘brand descriptors’, meaning the language they use has a vital impact on being viewed in this way. Consequently, it can be highly profitable for marketers to (re-)consider their brand language strategy. Today in plista Digital Trends we offer advices on how to perfect your brand language, an article about the goldfish conundrum, dealing with the short attention span of potential customers, an infographic on entrepreneurship, an outlook for 2017 and more!, lattesmileing

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5 Reasons to See Digital Advertising in a Different Light

With 3,4 billion users worldwide in 2016 the internet is one of the strongest mediums. Consequently digital advertising is ubiquitous. The user is confronted with all different types of ads at any time. But this does not meet the approval of everyone and therefore ad blockers are enjoying great popularity and usage rises. Online advertisement has much more to offer than annoying inappropriate content. Here are 5 reasons to see online ads in a different light:

5 Reasons to see digital advertising in a different light

5 Reasons to see digital advertising in a different light

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Outlook 2017 – What Comes Next

2017 has just begun and we are looking forward to this exciting year.

As written in our recap of 2016, even last year was full of news and trends for the digital advertising industry. 2017 promises to be as exciting as the past year.

Buzzwords like globalization, traffic shift to mobile, transparency, ad blocking, programmatic, and so on shape discussions within the digital advertising industry already.

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Digital Trends: 13 Logo Design Trends to Watch for in 2017

Logos have to fulfill a variety of demands: They have to be simple and at the same time transmit a brand’s identity. They have to be timeless and distinct, but still modern and consistent with contemporary graphic design trends. An infographic on design tendencies about the most influential logo trends will help marketers to prepare for 2017.

Today in plista Digital Trends we offer 13 logo trends to watch for in 2017, an interview on how to do mobile advertising, an article about the rise of the machines, 20 brand marketers you should follow on LinkedIn and more!

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Digital Trends: Technology Trends That Will Transform Content Marketing in 2017

2017 has just begun and it’s time to look back to get the key messages 2016 and find out which online marketing trends will shape the future. In particular, advances in tech, like artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, virtual reality, life streaming and e-commerce are likely to transform content marketing in 2017. Today in plista Digital Trends we offer 6 advances in tech, that are likely to shape the future of content marketing, an infographic about the different consumption of UGC, 20 types of evergreen content that produce lasting results for your business, a recap on 2016 and more!

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2016 Recap by plista – 3 Key Messages to Share


The year 2016 at plista is coming to an end. But before getting to holidays and saying goodbye to the year we want to look back to the past 12 months with a 2016 recap by plista.

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Digital Trends: Google Is Shifting to a Mobile-First Index – What Marketers Need to Know to Prepare

As mobile search queries surpassed desktop queries, Google is shifting to a Mobile-First Index! In order to be well prepared, marketers have to ensure they have a mobile-friendly website, consider if content should be adjusted for mobile and prioritize the factors that are important in this new Mobile-First Index. Today in plista Digital Trends we offer an article on how to prepare for Google’s Mobile-First Index,  an infographic about the major boost of programmatic this holiday season, a native view on 2016/2017,  50 best social media tools and more!; ribkhan

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The Native View 2016/2017 – 4 Things to Keep in Mind

The environment of digital advertising is changing fast. This year was full of news, trends, and developments. Now, as 2016 is coming to an end, we are looking back and note four learnings, we want to share with a native view in mind:
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Digital Trends: How to Capture Christmas Clicks

Christmas is about to come and advertisers are facing the great opportunity to increase their sales. Well prepared marketers can gain a lot of money now, if they follow the right strategy. Knowing, which product type works best at what time is a valuable insight for any marketer. Today in plista Digital Trends we offer a video on how to capture Christmas clicks, 10 key take-outs for native advertising success, an infographic on the essence of ecommerce email marketing, 8 facts about Google´s algorithm that you probably did not know yet and more!

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