2017 has just begun and we are looking forward to this exciting year.

As written in our recap of 2016, even last year was full of news and trends for the digital advertising industry. 2017 promises to be as exciting as the past year.

Buzzwords like globalization, traffic shift to mobile, transparency, ad blocking, programmatic, and so on shape discussions within the digital advertising industry already.

In this outlook we point out three topics that move us in the first weeks of this year:

Development of Global Native Advertising

Business Insider predicted 2015 an uplift of ad spending for native advertising in the US from 13.9 billions in 2016 up to 17.3 billion dollar in 2017.

This growth is reflected by an uplift in revenue of 50% from 2015 to 2016 for plista. 14.500 campaigns  with an increase of 35% in impressions have been delivered last year across the plista network in 20 markets.

In the upcoming year we are planning to enter not less than eight more markets in Middle- and South America as well as in the Asia-Pacific region. Native is getting a bigger subject all over the globe.

Mobile Importance

The mobile usage is increasing more and more. This year, 75% of programmatic ads will be on mobile, predicted eMarketer in September 2016. Classic banner and display ads don’t work here anymore. Innovative formats are getting important these days.

Advertisers are reacting to this traffic shift.  In 2016, mobile accounted for one third of total revenue for plista.  Our Global Managing Director Jana Kusick was named one of the 30 most powerful women in mobile advertising industry by Business Insider, too.

Ad Blocking and Acceptance of Advertising

Beside the mobile shift, ad blockers are rising actually. During the last months, the number of adblocker installation got up.

Users are annoyed and developed the so called banner blindness. Publishers need to monetize content and advertisers need to spread the word on their brand and products. Therefore, marketers will have to make advertising acceptable and creative again. Only new ways to address customers will help overcome the gap of demand and supply.

These challenges give us the first impression of what’s coming next. We are excited and happy to start in 2017!