Recently, we had our 2018 International Conference, where we shared talks, discussions, and panels surrounding the latest digital trends. We sat down with some of plista’s native experts to weigh in on the latest industry topics. Last time, our experts shared their thoughts on trends such as transparency, content marketing, and mobile importance. Today, we would like to share more trend talks with our experts in our Part 2 video. Check out our latest Native Insights below.

Call to action: online marketers must fight for effectiveness for desired outcomes

Due to many groundbreaking technologies, industries must step up their game in knowing how to use these tools. Therefore, Nicolas Bidon, Global CEO of Xaxis, puts in his two cents on machine learning and AI and how it can bring advertisers to be more efficient. Nowadays, it is simply not enough for online advertisers to only have tools due to their industry competition’s capabilities. Similarly, Managing Director of Operations EMEA, XAXIS, Silvia Sparry, weighs in on the importance of consultancy services and understanding what agencies are trying to achieve. Consequently, with new industry challenges disrupting marketers’ business models, Managing Director of [M] Platform, Netherlands, Robin Bach Kolling, calls for a fight for effectiveness among key industry players. Learn more and check out the  interviews in the video below.

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