In October 2016 our data analytics team collected data from numerous ad impressions. With the help of this data we want to find out more about device trends and how the ad consumption behavior varies in different countries.

In July we started our Native Insights Series with an infographic about the global ad consumption and learned more about the device usage globally.  Now we want to take a closer look at Germany.

About Germany

Germany is a country that is situated in Central Europe. It includes 16 constituent states and has a population of 82.7 million people. Germany borders 9 countries, in the north it borders the Baltic and the North Sea and in the south the Alps. There are about 70.8 million internet users in Germany which makes up 86% of the population.

Ad Consumption Behavior in Germany

Just like in the UK and Australia, the tablet usage is very low in Germany whereas desktop and mobile is nearly balanced. Desktop is most frequently used in the morning whereas smartphones have their peak times in the evening. The clear winner of the desktop OS usage is Windows, Android beats iOS on the mobile usage.

In this image you can see the Ad Consumption Behavior in Germany

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Author: Lucie Feldt