As a platform for data-driven content and ad distribution, we analyze several GB of data every day. With our Native Insights, we offer you a video format to inform you about the latest trends as well as show you how to benefit from these data. As Christmas is getting closer, we present some interesting findings about the business around the 24th of December: the activity of Christmas clicks.

For advertisers, Christmas season is an important time to increase sales by the end of the year. In Germany, for example, the revenue share of business during Christmas time makes up 18.5 % of the annual revenue.

To find out how advertisers can take advantage of this great potential, we analyzed more than 8.000 selected campaigns from October to December 2015. We found that during this time, click-through rates doubled. Products such as movie ads drive the highest click-through rates at an astounding 360%. We also discovered that categories hitting their peaks occur in a specific sequence that occurs during the seven weeks leading up to Christmas. For example, coupon ads reach their peak six weeks prior, so that consumers can find the best deals. Soon after, beauty product ads earn more engagement two to four weeks before Christmas.

Our text mining analysis found that top performing keywords in the category “shopping” ads are positive words such as “relax” and “beautiful,” which is no surprise to attracting user clicks.

Leonardo D’Ambrosi, Head of Data Analytics at plista, presents our findings on Christmas clicks in a quick video below:

Do you also want the benefit of the increased CTRs during Christmas? Your local account manager will be happy to help you!