In times of banner blindness, ad blockers and decreasing effectiveness of display advertising, it is hard to reach the user’s attention. plista conducted a survey in collaboration with eye square to prove the advertising effect of plista Native RecommendationAds. The survey included an Online In-Context-Testing with live-ad replacement, webcam eye tracking and subsequent questionnaire about the advertising effect.

Read about the key findings in the following:

Native Ads Achieve High User Engagement

In order to convey an advertising message, it is crucial to reach the reader’s attention first. Traditional display advertising is mostly positioned outside the editorial content and therefore often dismissed by readers. The integration of plista Native RecommendationAds within editorial article recommendations reduces this so called banner blindness and enables higher user engagement.

Native RecommendationAds are perceived much better by readers than the traditional Medium Rectangle. While the Medium Rectangle only attracts 53% of users’ attention from the beginning, the Native RecommendationAd is seen by 83%. Furthermore, the conversion of users along the Ad Engagement Funnel to the Involve level is twice as high (43%) for the Native RecommendationAd in comparison to the Medium Rectangle (21%). The Involve level represents the intensive view of the ad.

Image 2: plista conducted a survey in collaboration with eye square to prove the advertising effect of plista Native RecommendationAds. Read more here!

Native Positioning Leads to a more Intensive View

Although Native RecommendationAds are placed below the fold, the format receives high perception: it is viewed 27% more often than traditional formats from the Universal Ad Package including Medium Rectangle, Superbanner and Skyscraper. In addition, the higher interest of the readers is resulting in a 13% longer viewing duration. Especially brand awareness can be positively influenced by these conditions – the native format registers a 44% higher brand awareness than the standard formats from the Universal Ad Package.

Positive Advertising Effect on all Parameters

The positioning of Native RecommendationAds in the natural reading flow is ideal to attract and hold readers attention and thereby they reach a higher user engagement. The sustainable advertising effect is reflected in the improvement of the parameters from the areas awareness, impact and image. The changes within those parameters are summed up in the ADquality Index from eye square, demonstrating an overall improvement of 13%.


Advantages of plista Native RecommendationAds at a glance:

  • Intensive perception of ads
  • Higher conversion
  • Increase of brand awareness, impact and image

The native format influences standard parameters of the advertising effect positively and therefore covers the needs of advertisers optimally. The integration into the natural reading flow leads to a higher perception of the ads, so that advertising messages can be distributed effectively within the plista publisher network.

You can find the main results in our onepager , and even more details about the survey in the presentation. If you want to learn more about our native formats for advertisers, check out our product overview.

Source: Eye square study “Advertising Effect of plista Native RecommendationAds” on behalf of plista.