Time and money– advertisers value the efficiency of the two when it comes to booking campaigns. However, with the changing times in the industry, the demand for transparency has become more crucial than ever. Online marketers would like to see more effective processes when creating a campaign; how can we save time and optimize budgets to push a potentially-successful campaign, all while having complete control? Managed services seem to be the standard advertising solution for booking online campaigns. However, self-service platforms have also spiked in interest over the years. This is due to the benefits it brings to the independent and full, control-seeking advertiser. Let’s uncover the advantages of this alternative advertiser solution for online marketers to book campaigns.

Nurture or nature? Weighing in on the advantages and disadvantages between managed- and self-services

Advertisers in the industry fall under many situations when it comes to planning, executing, and measuring their campaigns. With the goal of optimized ad spending for ROI, online marketers want to save time and money to ensure efficiency. That said, different situations require different needs when it comes to advertising platforms. Enter the options of managed or self-services. For instance, advertisers can leaves their marketing budget to managed services to “set it and forget it.” Although managed services for advertisers are ideal for brands who want to be nurtured throughout the entire process of  a campaign by a reliable account manager, what about those who fall prefer a fully, hands-on approach?

Self-service platforms enable advertisers a “nature-driven” position, where transparency is right at the tip of their fingers. When advertisers have the freedom to book their own campaigns, not only do they get an intimate, full-control experience, they also have the “natural” space to trial different aspects and elements within their campaign process. This includes budget, targeting, and creative adjustments. Although self-service platforms require more effort compared to having a dedicated account manager provide the “full funnel service,” managed services literally means what it says. Advertisers’ campaigns are in the hands of campaign managers who are responsible for organizing all the needed elements to create and report a campaign as well as optimize budget. Thus, self-service platforms are a great and opportunistic alternative for all advertisers alike, such as small to medium businesses, independent brands, and individual, self-promoting individuals, just to name a few.

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The benefits of self-service in advertising to consider for your next campaign

With self-serve platforms providing the advantage of transparently working with campaigns, what clear benefits are there for advertisers? Advertising Account Manager, Sarah Butera, from Exact Drive, offers insights on the potential of self-serve advertising, which helps reduce the costs and concerns of advertisers. Self-serve platforms enable advertisers to have full control in every aspect of their campaign to fit their marketing strategy needs. This includes selecting a target audience, how and exactly when to distribute the campaign, and which content to appear on. Speaking of full control, advertisers can optimize their budget and maximize their opportunities in pushing campaigns to relevant audiences and platforms, which brings advertisers one step closer to a successful ROI. Advertisers can directly command their campaigns when booking on self-serve platforms, which can also be exciting and empowering to have such transparency.

Book campaigns on the market’s easiest Self Service platform with plista

Managed services and self-serve platforms are both great solutions for advertisers, and here at plista, we offer the two. At plista, we’ve recently revamped our Self Service platform for advertisers in the industry who seek independence and full transparency when booking their campaigns. With the Self Service tool, advertisers have the right features to bring them business outcomes. Fully programmatic, advertisers save time and maximize their budgets when booking their campaigns with Self Service, and in only five simple steps!

Self Service with plista brings advertisers business outcomes

With full autonomy and control, our self-serve platform empowers advertisers to focus on their campaign strategy. Through the booking process, advertisers can generate more conversions and traffic to achieve their campaign goals with our tool’s benefits:

  • User-friendly experience
  • Exact targeting
  • No banner blindness
  • Automated campaign optimization
  • Native formats that are unobtrusive, yet highly visible

The integrated and intuitive dashboard lets advertisers focus on optimizing their campaigns for business outcomes. The platform also provides the option of personalized reporting to customize significant KPIs through concise, real-time data. An added bonus, with our competitive Recommendation Technology, advertisers booking on our Self Service platform have the opportunity to distribute their campaigns on premium publisher sites to stay relevant and be brand safe. Also, behind the independent platform, we have our Self Service experts to support advertisers for campaign strategy, performance, and optimization for consulting readily available.

Want to learn more about booking your next campaign independently? Learn more about Self Service here. Have any questions about your online marketing strategies for your next successful campaign? We are always happy to consult and support you. Please feel free to contact our business outcome experts at any time here.