The most recent reinvention of native advertising bridges the gap between native and real-time, data-driven advertising. This represents a better strategy for marketers to understand and engage their target audiences while still relying on the success of content-related marketing approaches such as native advertising. That’s also where programmatic comes in. Publishers and marketers can come together to offer high quality content, enhanced relevancy and unobtrusive advertisements at scale. Check out our infographic to learn how the Rise of Data Driven Native Advertising can help marketers as well as publishers achieve their goals.

Native advertising on the rise

While to some, it may seem that native advertising is the new kid on the internet marketing block, the fact is, it’s been around in some form since the early 1900’s. It all started when brands began running ads alongside articles in newspapers and magazines as a way to expand upon the story.

By 2010, sponsored content came to dominate, where editorial, social media, video and mobile content were developed to help brand partners appeal to their respective audiences. So you see, native advertising isn’t new; it just keeps reinventing itself. In fact, according to reports from eMarketer, the native advertising industry will grow from a $4.3 billion business in 2015 to about $7 billion by 2017 and will nearly double by 2018 to just shy of $9 billion.

Data-driven native advertising helps advertisers to engage their target audiences

Data-driven native advertising bridges the gap between native and real-time and helps advertisers to engage their target audiences. Targeting engines, like Xaxis Turbine, empower native advertisers like plista, to make better programmatic media buying decisions, in real time. By leveraging audience intelligence – and acting upon it – advertisers experience enhanced campaign performance and efficiency, while consumers enjoy a better user experience.

Get to know the unique characteristics and benefits of this advertising approach in our new infographic “The Rise of Data Driven Native Advertising” in collaboration with Xaxis.

Image 2: Our new infographic shows you how the Rise of Data Driven Native Advertising can help you achieve your advertising goals.