Our data analytics team analyzed more than 11 billions ad impressions  from October 2016. Based on this analysis we created the following infographic on ad consumption behavior and trends in device usage during the day.

After giving an insight on the global ad consumption behavior with our latest infographic, we now want to take a closer look at specific countries and learn more about local patterns in ad consumption. We start our local Native Insights series with Australia.

About Australia

Australia – also known as “Down Under” – is a country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania and many smaller islands. It is the sixth largest country in the world and has a population of about 23 million people. There are about 19.2 million internet users in Australia which makes up 83% of the population. According to the statistics published by statista there are 16.6 million smartphone users in Australia.  Within the next 4 years this number will increase up to 18.8 million users.

Ad Consumption Behavior in Australia

Get an  overview of device usage of Australians consuming ads. As you can see the share between desktop and mobile is nearly 50/50. The usage differs by daytime and weekday. And even if Windows seems to be the most common desktop OS, Android and iPhone are equally strong, when it comes to mobile usage.

In this picture you can see a Infographic about Ad Consumption Behavior in Australia

Infographic: Ad Consumption Behavior Australia

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Author: Lucie Feldt