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Semantic vs. Behavioral Targeting: What is Best?

The right targeting is an indispensable component of native advertising. It is a type of online marketing that is aligned to a certain audience. It is placed in a way that the advertisement is only shown to that particular user group. Contextual text advertising enables a reduction of scattering losses while doing online advertisement.

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Native Insights: Infographic Global Ad Consumption Behavior

Native Advertising is omnipresent: Ads are shown on different devices at any time. For advertisers this brings up different questions such as “Which is the preferred type of device globally?” or “Are there any differences between the device usages in Europe, Asia or Australia?”

Our Native Insights series continues and gives answers to these questions. plista did a comparison of the global digital ad consumption behavior and put a special focus on the type of devices and at which time they are used in Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Australia and China.

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Data-Driven Marketing – The Key to Success

Email-, tele-, radio- , print marketing & more: Nowadays, there are many different ways to advertise.  Marketing is one of the most important success factors for a business. It ensures the success of the company in the long term by raising its name recognition and brand awareness and consequently increases its sales. But what is the best marketing strategy and how is it possible to address the right audience?

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Infographic: 14 Quick Wins for Your Article Page Optimization

Publishers are facing many challenges today. Banner blindness and the increasing number of ad blockers make it difficult to successfully reach target groups. Offering great content and monetizing it at the same time, is one of the biggest goals to achieve.

In order to be successful, the constant optimization of article pages is necessary. In the infographic below we have put together insights on how to build up your article page to keep user’s attention.

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