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Survey: Advertising Effect of Native RecommendationAds


In times of banner blindness, ad blockers and decreasing effectiveness of display advertising, it is hard to reach the user’s attention. plista conducted a survey in collaboration with eye square to prove the advertising effect of plista Native RecommendationAds. The survey included an Online In-Context-Testing with live-ad replacement, webcam eye tracking and subsequent questionnaire about the advertising effect.

Read about the key findings in the following:

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Native going native: A brief to fit 1000 countries

Plista Gründer und Management Shooting by Robert Wunsch

More industry consolidation will lead to native advertising success

Native advertising means one thing to Brits and another thing to a Chinese audience. Europeans consume content differently than Americans. For native content to truly go native, understanding and working with cultural differences is pivotal.

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Infographic: Which Native Ad Format is the right one?

Infographic: Which Native Ad Format is the right one

Today’s native landscape comprises various types of ad formats. The more choices available, the more difficult it is for media planners to choose the right native ad format for their campaigns.

What kind of marketing goals is an OutstreamAd suitable for? What are the differences compared to a Native VideoAd placed within a widget below an article? When is Native RecommendationAd the right choice?

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Out to set records: dmexco 2016

dmexco 2016 plista banner

Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference 2016 we´re coming!

The time has come: the dmexco (digital marketing exposition & conference) 2016 will open its doors for the “Who´s Who” of the digital economy in order to present the latest trends. With over 50,000 expected visitors, more than 950 trade fair exhibitors from all over the world, and an exposure area measuring 85,000 m² once again all records will be broken. As a permanent part, plista will also be part of this year’s event and, therefore, we will present our latest digital solutions and technologies; to be specific, at booth E-059 in the exhibition hall 7.

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Infographic: Rise of Data Driven Native Advertising

data-Infographic: Rise of Data Driven Native Advertisingnative-2

The most recent reinvention of native advertising bridges the gap between native and real-time, data-driven advertising. This represents a better strategy for marketers to understand and engage their target audiences while still relying on the success of content-related marketing approaches such as native advertising. That’s also where programmatic comes in. Publishers and marketers can come together to offer high quality content, enhanced relevancy and unobtrusive advertisements at scale. Check out our infographic to learn how the Rise of Data Driven Native Advertising can help marketers as well as publishers achieve their goals.

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Digital Trends: How to Create a Successful YouTube Channel

In order to publish good and engaging content, marketers need to focus on building up their channels the right way. Following detailed step by step guides can help you with that. With this in mind this week’s topics are: How to create a successful YouTube channel, 16 innovative content formats that audiences and publishers love and a 10-step guide for running an Instagram contest.

Digital Trends: How to Create a successful YouTube Channel

Image: ©

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New plista publisher dashboard with real-time insights

As a partner of thousands of publishers worldwide, one of plista’s main objectives is to support website operators with a 360° service and help them get the most out of their websites. Therefore, we have fundamentally revised our publisher dashboard: With its user-friendly interface and a vast range of features, the new dashboard provides plista publishers with even more comprehensive insights and real-time analytics.

plista Publisher Dashboard

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Case Study: TV News Channel Achieves 81% Increase of eCPM through Native Design Optimization

Case Study Publisher Native Design Optimization

User experience on websites is essential, so is a good ad experience. Publishers benefit from an attractive web design and a neat integration of ads, which leads to more page impressions, higher CTR and a greater length of stay. Our case study shows the major impact of design on widget performance and how plista can help publishers optimize their results.

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Case Study: Full plista Integration Increases Publisher’s KPIs up to 69%


Recommending the most read articles is a common practice among publishers in order to offer relevant content to their visitors. But that is just one of various criteria that may have impact on readers choice. In comparison, plista’s proprietary Recommendation Technology takes also user-based information into account to target the individual interests of every reader. In a 10-month A/B test with a leading publisher’s, plista’s user-centric approach helped increase visible CTR and native ads revenue significantly.

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Infographic Content Distribution: The Key to Content Marketing Success


Even unique and creative content remains useless if it does not reach the right users. Therefore, content distribution is a key factor for the success of content marketing campaigns. Brands can make use of various instruments to increase the reach of their content. Alongside owned and earned media, paid content distribution in particular allows for precise targeting of relevant users. Beside owned and earned media, paid content distribution in particular allows for precise targeting of relevant users. Our infographic “Content Distribution: The Key to Content Marketing Success” visualizes the importance and benefits of content distribution as an essential part of a digital brand strategy.

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