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Case Study on AMP: Doubled Revenue – Tripled Engagement

The Accelareted Mobile Pages (AMP) Project just celebrated its first birthday.  In a case study on AMP, plista looks at the profits for publishers in detail.

We see it every day on our way to work: People waiting for the bus or sitting on the train, reading the news on their smartphones.
It is obvious that nowadays users prefer to consume information online, especially mobile. plista retraces this trend and observes a 10 times higher revenue growth in mobile ads within the last three years.

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Case Study: Full plista Integration Increases Publisher’s KPIs up to 69%

Recommending the most read articles is a common practice among publishers in order to offer relevant content to their visitors. But that is just one of various criteria that may have impact on readers choice. In comparison, plista’s proprietary Recommendation Technology takes also user-based information into account to target the individual interests of every reader. In a 10-month A/B test with a leading publisher’s, plista’s user-centric approach helped increase visible CTR and native ads revenue significantly.

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plista Ensemble Algorithm Increases Top Tier Publisher’s On-Site CTR by 39%

Millions of publishers are competing for the favour of users – and for ad revenues. Thereby, visitors’ length of stay, page impressions and monetization depend largely on the quality of publisher’s content and ad recommendations. In order to prove the excellence of the plista Recommendation Technology, a top tier publisher started a long-term test to compare its performance with recommendations based on semantic targeting.

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Content Marketing Strategie #1: Machen Sie Ihren Erfolg messbar

Im vorherigen Artikel dieser Serie haben wir uns mit dem gelungenen Einstieg ins strategische Content Marketing beschäftigt. Dazu gehören die Erstellung einer IST-Analyse, die Formulierung von Kommunikationszielen sowie die Festlegung von Buyer Personas. Bevor Sie nun mit der Content Planung starten können, ist es ratsam Kennzahlen, also Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), zu bestimmen, um Ihre Marketingziele in messbare Einheiten zu übertragen.

Dabei mangelt es nicht an Messgrößen, sondern an Wissen um eine sinnvolle Interpretation der Daten. Wir stellen eine Auswahl von Metriken vor und erklären, wie diese zu nutzen sind.

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