COVID-19 greatly affects us all. Given the rapid growth of health concern, plista’s top priority in this unsettling time is the wellbeing of our employees, families, business partners, clients, friends, and the people around us. Therefore, we are addressing the seriousness of this time and are taking immediate measures to contribute in mitigating the impact of the virus among our communities. Nonetheless, we remain to be there for our clients as well as our business partners and support however we can. Therefore, plista remains open for business and will continue to provide our services whilst complying with each local government’s policies.

Misconception: this crisis demands that you freeze or stop your marketing activities

We are here for you. In addition to our concern for your wellbeing, we also understand the need and worries you may have about sustaining your business. Thanks to today’s technology and digital access worldwide, do not lose hope in your ability to achieve your business outcomes. The idea is not to drop your marketing efforts, it’s more about adjusting to the situation to be productive and finding another solution.

Opportunities, not losses

Let’s all try not to lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel. Despite these challenging times, focus on what you can make out of it, rather than what you cannot. For instance, since majority of your audiences may now be practicing social distance or are even working remotely, this is the time to reconsider your marketing budget. Use it wisely to adjust your online campaigns to how your target user can consume your message at this time.

For instance, consider gearing your ads towards mobile users, or focus on CPC (cost-per-click) metrics instead of impressions, since during this time, the value of CPMs (cost-per-1000 impressions) and conversion rates may decrease. Most importantly, consider moving your offline advertising budget, such as event/conference budgets, to online tactics. In addition, you can gage your content to remain brand safe via an adjusted campaign strategy, such as a contextual targeting approach. Put yourself in your client’s shoes, and think about what they need most right now. You may consider creating a special persona for now to whom you adjust your marketing activities to during these times.

Embrace the change, and adjust your digital marketing strategies

Take this time to offer a helpful approach to your target audience because 1.) we all need to spread as much positive support and stand in solidarity right now, and 2.) showing that you’re willing to help and care for the needs of your audiences will increase your chances of positive response to your campaigns. You can adjust your content, product and service positioning, and campaigns to provide the appropriate solution to your customers’ current needs. Majority of people nowadays are staying home. Thus, it’s important that they still have a sense of human contact, even digitally. Also, to remain entertained and stay informed, many customers and users online may even potentially increase their online shopping habits and content consumption- when there’s a will, there’s a way.

Don’t forget to do your part- we are all in this together

…and please consider your local government’s recommendations on how to handle and adjust to this current time. It’s more important now than ever that we are all in this together. Take this time to reflect. Consider how you can contribute to the impact of COVID-19 in your communities- offline and online. You can consider building goodwill with special offers to your customers or your general audiences. At plista, there is a possible opportunity that we offer free media space to a criterion of participants who would like to make a difference and share their products or services to contribute to the wellbeing of all who are affected by the virus; if interested, enquire here.

We at plista support all our clients- both big and small. We are happily available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. It can regard sustaining your businesses during this time, consultation about your campaign strategies, or anything else in general. Feel free to contact us here or your Account Manager directly. We as plista wish you all to stay safe and healthy!