Social media platforms are a digital space to connect people and build relationships online. As of July 2020, Hootsuite reported that over 4.5 billion of the world population are internet users while 3.9 billion are active social media users. With the ongoing challenge of the pandemic the world still faces, staying digitally connected through online presence is more important than ever. 

Social Media brings people- and brands- together 

As a source of sparking organic followers, companies, especially B2Cs within the entertainment, real estate, retail, restaurant, and fashion industries, greatly benefit in business from social media. This is due to the humanistic opportunity of personifying brands through social media channels. Spreading content connected to your brand triggers a relatable feeling to the everyday consumer. This allows you as a brand to grow trust, popularity, and a genuine as well as authentic audience or fan base. 

Breaking the advertising barriers: utilize other channels to expand your audience 

Although social media has many active users, there’s still 600 million unique internet users and important user-centric conditions to consider: different demographics such as age group, interests, and trust in quality news as well as content sites. Beyond social media, you can successfully market across the web with the help of tailored targeting and the right tools to grow your online presence. Let’s explore how you can expand your online presence with your social media following in three steps. 

1. Identify your successful social campaigns 

The beauty of social media is that through a simple organic post, you can instantly track your post engagement in the form of likes, shares, views, and comments. You can even place a UTM link to track if anyone clicked on a link you shared as a CTA on your social media post to filter qualified leads. Utilize this- among your other goals and paid posts- to understand which of your creative image and texts garnered the most user interaction. One way to track engagement, for example, is by dividing the total number of followers by likes, comments, and shares and multiplying it by 100 to get a percentage, according to Hootsuite. By collecting the relevant insights that you can get from your social media channels, this helps you understand which creatives spark the most audience interest. 

2. Reiterate your target group from these successful campaigns 

Now that you’ve gathered what content proved to be interesting to your audience, it’s time to recall who your target group is. Paid or not, try reiterating who your prospect consumer is based on your social campaign. From your successful social campaigns, did you get any quality leads? Did you notice a specific time of day or day of the week that garnered the most engagement? Depending on the messages, product, or services you promoted, which posts did your audience seem to show the most interest in? Once you’ve analyzed these reflections and insights, its time to apply these successful learning across new channels. 

3. Apply your successful ad creatives through plista’s Social Ad format to grow your online presence

Now that you’ve gathered what works for your social media campaigns, it’s time to expand your reach. As we mentioned abovedespite the popularity of social media use, consider that there’s still millions of unique internet users to target, especially on news sites. Out of the existing social media users, 70% internet users still trust news sites over social media to get information. Also, consider the different demographics you might be facing: the average majority age and gender of profile followers on Instagram are females between the ages of 25-34. Although an interesting insight, opting for news sites with potentially more promising consumers could bring you more diverse audience opportunities.  

At plista, our Social Ad format and state-of-the-art AI technology for segment targeting is the perfect tool for you to leverage your social media content with minimal effort. You can simply provide us with the URL link to your existing social media post that you’d like to promote across the web. Or, you can customize and build your own ad campaign directly on our Self Service platform to create your ad with a social media post look-and-feel. Our Social Ad format has proven to increase viewability of up to 70% via mobile device with our client, Universal.  

By utilizing Social Ad, you can leverage your best-performing social media posts by promoting it programmatically across the web for brand awareness. Alternatively, you can grow your social media following from audiences on news sites by taking advantage of our powerful targeting capabilities based on different demographics such as age, interests, devices, and more.  

Interested in trying out Social Ad? Learn more and book directly here, or contact our industry experts from more tips on campaign strategy.