Tired of mass advertising, unsuitable content or impersonal ads? Uninteresting or flashy banners put a negative spin on your attitude towards online advertising?

Then you might be interested in an ad technology that suggests personalized real-time ads. We take a deeper look into the trend of dynamic creation and show you what it has to offer for you.

Nowadays technology is at a point where a new mindset of creative optimization uses advanced, permanently changing algorithms in order to generate ads on the fly. Creating a precisely fitting user experience has become marketers’ first priority.

Combining a wide range of customer data with IQ platform

Already established in America, plista and Jivox announce their partnership and enable real time creative optimization in native advertising. Marketers benefit from both strengths as native ads become even more relevant and suitable for a targeted audience. From now on both companies combine their forces in Germany too.

What is Dynamic Creative?

An easy way to illustrate processes of dynamic creative optimization is to compare this form of digital advertising with an ad factory. By gathering several data feeds and personal parameters like current location, weather, daytime or device, DCO yields highly individualized ads. The innovative element is a so far untapped set of adverts. Data signals like product preferences or triggers generate hundreds or even thousands of unique ads in an instant.

This ad technology based on multivariate testing interprets results to serve the best performing creative in real time. It is not just the aim to drive user engagement or clicks. It also simplifies potential and capability for advertisers and every campaign. As you can see DCO is not just a tool for a campaign concept – it can be a concept.

Multiplying conversions

According to eMarketer, it is expected that native digital display ad spending is about to grow up to 36% in the U.S. in 2017, driven by the need for “more engaging, less intrusive ads.” This innovative omni-channel personalization fits in seamlessly in native outstream and high impact ads. Dynamic creative offers an exclusive opportunity for one campaign to take on different faces. Variables like format, dynamic elements and data constitute intelligent product ads.

 “Strategies like dynamic creative optimization really do meet customers needs as they offer an enhanced and especially individual ad experience in times of banner blindness and an overload of ads”states Diana Ernemann, Product Manager at plista. 


Dynamic creation is stronger than ever

Early dynamic creation was originally used for retargeting high-value consumers with advertising and it was quite challenging to get unique reach as the set-up process was manual. But things have changed. Advertisers now trace a different approach. It is their aim to use DCO beyond retargeting across the marketing funnel. So all in all, dynamic creative optimization is an advertising technology that is very likely to be incorporated into a wider and more mainstream setting.

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