Another year, another DMEXCO. We were ecstatic to be a part of the expo since we identify with this year’s motto, “Trust in you.” In spite of the latest industry trends revolving around AI’s ability to offer great automation for efficiency and data-driven solutions, the industry simultaneously concerns itself with the power of the user. These trends and insights were surely reflected among not only fellow exhibitors at the fair, but also during the talks and workshops that were provided.

A human-centric industry

While 2018 was about GDPR and how it greatly changed the digital advertising industry, this year’s DMEXCO motto seemingly takes users’ rights of data privacy to the next phase: user influence. Users have the power at the end of the day. However, not only does talking to the consumer bring more business to companies, it is also the right thing to do. With the rapid rise of AI in the industry pitted against human bias, how do we instead bridge the two?

On the Debate Stage, David Goddard, VP Global Programmatic Strategy at BBC Global News, and Jocelyn Lee, Head of Heat AI at Heat/Deloitte Digital, discussed how to build AI without bias, pointing out that humans create algorithms “built on data inputted by humans;” this means that AI reflects the bias of its creators. Meanwhile, at the How-to Stage, Stefan Blumenthal, Country Manager DACH at zeotap, offered ways for businesses to better gain trust and connection during the “People-based Marketing with zeotap: How Brands Can Better Understand and Effectively Reach their Customers” session. Beyond these talks, DMEXCO offered more interesting industry expert talks surrounding the user, whose trust and influence is needed for businesses to gain opportunistic traction.

Trust within the user: without it, there’s no connection

Trust has always been a key element for companies in the industry to gain connection. However, now, trust has become more prominent than ever. Users have the power to consume or deviate away from ads in as easy as a click. So, how do we as industry experts establish and maintain a connection? By simply building trust. Social Media Strategist at UBS, Kristina Bröckel, and EMEA Lead of Content Marketing Consulting at LinkedIn, Bian Salins, discussed the importance of building trust in a brand’s marketing as marketers “need to navigate an environment of growing consumer distrust.” This distrust stems from the complexities of fake news, ad fraud, brand safety, and declining media trust. Marketers need to “rethink channels, communications, messages, and tactics.” It is inevitable that the need of user trust will be more imperative for companies in this industry to survive.

“If they win, we win.”

We at plista also believe in and promote the need for user trust. Check out our Managing Director, Michel Gagnon’s, input about the importance of trust for win-win scenarios between users and businesses in the industry.

On trust: “It may sound a bit obvious, but I think business leaders sometimes forget it. What we want to do is to make sure that we provide the best service, the best solution, and the best technology to both publishers and advertisers. We really need to have a consultative approach when we’re dealing with these customers, because ultimately if they win, we win, and we don’t want to be selling something that they don’t want.” Not only is user trust a great opportunity for businesses, user trust also means serving and accommodating users’ needs instead of pushing them.

We hope you learned a bit more about the importance of trust from our DMEXCO 2019 recap. Thanks to those who was able to stop by at our booth – see you next year!

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