Another year, another DMEXCO: check. We had a blast last week learning more about the latest industry trends!  After two full days of discussion, trends, and insights into the digital marketing industry, we saw many different topics emerging. Among  our takeaways of these trends, our biggest one that hit close to home as plista was the growing topic of content marketing. Let’s have an overview of DMEXCO 2018 with plista.

In this image you can see the plista DMEXCO team 2018

In the midst of all that is DMEXCO, this year was especially special to us, and for good reason. At DMEXCO’s Take C.A.R.E. motto, we certainly took that into consideration with all that the motto stands for by taking the opportunity to unveil our new brand positioning as plista. As we have grown up and turned 10 this year, so has our image. We believe that branded content is important in the industry and is only going to continue growing. Thus, with that said, we took it upon ourselves to grow as plista while staying true to our values. Most importantly, while recharging as plista, we kept our clients- both old and new- in mind.

We turn your content into business outcomes

In this image you can see the plista booth at DMEXCO 2018

Our new positioning says it all: with plista, your content will turn into business outcomes. With content marketing strategies taking over digital marketing, we believe that both advertisers and publishers should further consider revamping their brands as well. For advertisers, offering valuable content, or advertorials, can boost their KPIs while offering users a better online experience. This concept applies to publishers as well through the production of high-quality content. Like a good vitamin shot, we strive to make you grow. Check out our latest formats to help you better turn your content into business outcomes.

Thanks for stopping by at our DMEXCO booth!

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plista is a global platform for data-driven native advertising in premium editorial environments. As a one-stop shop plista offers advertisers and publishers direct, single-source access to a broad portfolio of native solutions. With its proprietary real-time Recommendation Technology, plista is able to deliver both content and advertising that matches users’ individual interests – across all channels and devices.

plista’s native ad formats stand out through their strong engagement character and enable advertisers to efficiently target audiences along the entire sales funnel. At the same time, thousands of premium publishers are working successfully with plista in order to achieve outstanding content monetization, increased website stickiness and sustainable traffic growth.