13 Mistakes To Avoid When You Create Native Ads for a Young Audience


Display, email marketing, social media & Co: various channels and platforms build the modern digital media mix. Native advertising has become an essential part in this landscape. Poor quality and bad timing can result in degradation of the user’s experience. Therefore, marketers should always be updated about the latest trends and mistakes to successfully reach their target audience. With this in mind this week’s topics are 13 mistakes to avoid when you create native ads for a young audience, how to improve email open rates, native advertising within the media landscape, 16 common social media marketing mistakes to avoid and more!

13 Mistakes To Avoid When You Create Native Ads for a Young Audience

Millennials spend over 600 billion dollars annually and are much more likely than older generations to do their shopping online. Therefore, Marketers shouldn’t underestimate how important it is to consider Millennials and Gen Z in their native advertising strategy. An article from the Native Advertising Institute shows 13 mistakes to avoid when you create native ads for a young audience.

How to Improve Email Open Rates

Open rates are an important email marketing metric. Getting subscribers to open your email is a challenge every marketer faces from time to time. An infographic from Marketing Profs offers tips on getting your emails opened.

All about the Mix: Native advertising within the Media Landscape

Since a few years native advertising grew from a trend to an established way to grow business. This is why marketers can’t miss to add native formats to their media mix. An article on the plista blog explains where native advertising is located within this mix and what you can get out of it.

16 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

With nearly every brand using social media platforms the competition to stand out in news feeds has never been more challenging, with brands fighting for visibility and engagement. A checklist from TopRank Blog shows 16 common mistakes that are easy to make, but also easy to fix.

Digital News Recap

  • Google wants businesses to text with its Android Messages service more
  • Instagram’s carousel format can now include more posts, be used outside of ads more
  • YouTube’s unskippable 30-second video ads will sunset next year more

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Author: Hannah Späth (Junior Manager Marketing & Communications)