One of the ways brands can earn the right to be considered among the best, as well as differentiate themselves, is through ‘brand descriptors’, meaning the language they use has a vital impact on being viewed in this way. Consequently, it can be highly profitable for marketers to (re-)consider their brand language strategy. Today in plista Digital Trends we offer advices on how to perfect your brand language, an article about the goldfish conundrum, dealing with the short attention span of potential customers, an infographic on entrepreneurship, an outlook for 2017 and more!, lattesmileing

How to Perfect Your Brand Language

“We haven’t changed the paper, we haven’t become cheaper, we changed our creative and the way that we talk to our audience”, says Catherine Newman, CMO at The Times Newspaper. In doing so, the Times profited significantly. Gain some insights on MarketingWeek now!

The Goldfish Conundrum: How to Create Content for Short Attention Spans

The average human attention span is eight seconds long – shorter than that of a goldfish! Acknowledging this fact, marketers have to use strategies and resources to create content that will generate clicks, shares, and most importantly, more readers. Find out more on HubSpot.

Infographic: 46 Facts Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know

Imagine the benefit of creating your own schedule, setting your own rules, and the freedom to pick the team you work with. Entrepreneurship is appealing on the one hand, on the other hand it bears great risks. Dealsunny conducted a worldwide survey on this topic and summed it up in an infographic.

Outlook 2017 – What Comes Next

2017 has just begun and we are looking forward to witness and explore new tech trends. The article on the plista Blog draws an outline on the following topics: native advertising, mobile and ad blocking.

Digital News Recap

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Author: Verena Schropp (Marketing & Communications)