Digital Trends: The Future of Advertising Goes Chatbots and Native


Chatbots, interactive videos and native ads are on the rise in the marketing landscape. To take part of this innovative future of advertising, marketers need to know the challenges and benefits of these digital trends. With this in mind this week’s topics are chatbot meets native advertising, 3 creative examples of interactive videos, data-driven marketing is the key to success, how to select an influencer marketing marketplace and more!

Chatbots and Native – The Future of Advertising

Chatbots are the next big step for (native) advertising. Read the article on the plista blog to learn more about chatbots, how publishers can take advantage from them and what they do for native ads.

3 Creative Examples: Is Interactive Video the Next Big Thing?

Video advertising seems to achieve the next level: interactive formats. An article from HubSpot explains what interactive videos offer and shows 3 examples used by real brands.

Data-Driven Marketing Is the Key to Success

The digital landscape is growing and big data becomes the key to success for marketers. An article on the plista blog elaborates benefits and challenges of data-driven marketing.

How to Select an Influencer Marketing Marketplace

With influencer marketplaces, brands are able to find content creators to promote a product or service. An infographic from Izea shows what to consider when selecting an influencer marketplace.

Digital News Recap

  • The IAB Dynamic Content Ad Standard – Ushering in a New Era of Content and Data-Driven Advertising more
  • Warner Bros signs up as first advertiser for Snapchat’s Sponsored World Lenses more
  • Apple Has Acquired AI Startup Lattice Data for $200 Million more

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Author: Hannah Späth (Manager Marketing & Communications)