Everyone’s talking about it, everyone’s “doing” it; but, what exactly is this ominous content, the much-discussed “king” of marketing? One thing’s for sure: “good” content is essential in online marketing – especially in native advertising. We reveal what you can do to revamp your content to not only help you reach your target audience, but also turn potential buyers into a community.

Step 1: The digital impulse – make the user benefits the focus

Your goal: show them what you’ve got
The user’s needs: solve their problems

Everyone knows about those impulsive buys while waiting at a supermarket cash register. But, what about triggering online impulsiveness? It’s a thought piece of work requiring an in-depth analysis of the customer journey: Online marketers can convince the potential buyer with pure good arguments standing rather than making them eat some delicious chocolate bar. So, what should be communicated to trigger that digital impulse and make them crave for more? It’s crystal clear: users aren’t interested in spending hours reading about how great your company is. They don´t want to hear about what makes you stand out from the rest. Get to the product-related point. Hence: directly get across which advantages they have by purchasing the goods. Embed these advantages in a creative and amusing setting. With that said, don’t just show what the value of buying the product would be if the user decides to purchase. Create added value in the moment of consumption through informative and entertaining content. By doing this, the same as with a cash register purchase happens: you satisfy an immediate desire. In the end you ultimately create a trusting environment by providing valuable information.

Step 2: Create personalised content

Your goal: efficiency
The user’s need: customised content

Regardless of which area of ​​marketing we look at, the trend is going towards personalisation and individualisation. Data is available on the basis of constantly improved diversified campaigns which exactly reaches the users they are targeting. So, why not your content as well? Frankly, this means: don’t use the same content for each individual target group. Different content appeals to different buyers. Know your target groups and take time before addressing them to find out what the biggest benefit is that they expect from your products. After all, doing the work beforehand will save you the painstaking hours of changing your content to suit because it’s not performing well. Last, but not least you should also individually play it on your channels based on the content and target groups. The personalised content builds the foundation for the user to identify with your product or service and, ultimately, with the company. That’s one of the most important cornerstones in building your community and pays into “step 1” putting the user benefits in the focus.

Step 3: Keep your promises

Your goal: credibility
The user’s need: dependability

Even the best content won’t do you any good if the products don’t actually deliver what the content promises. If you want to lay a trusting foundation for the establishment of a community with your content, be honest, because, what use are short-term increases in your conversions if they sink again in the long term and aren’t sustainable? Always remember that performance and branding go hand in hand and are mutually dependent. What’s more, economic decisions very much depend on emotions. So, if your content and brand are associated with negative emotions (unreliability), it can have a negative long-term effect on your performance. Hence: always keep it real!

plista tip:

Now what? Broadcast the content
Your goal: the right channel

You know your target groups, the benefits of your products, and the most relevant information that users simply have to have. Then, it’s time to broadcast on the right channels. One option that offers great potential is using a native advertorial. Compared to a regular advertorial, a native advertorial isn’t just published in one medium, but in several media at once. Use the power of the editorial environment many times over and show what you have to offer in terms of content on our premium publishers’ websites.

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