Content marketing is the latest emergence in the industry, and it isn’t going to stop anytime soon. It is a powerful strategy to effectively target users depending on the quality content you put out. Today, we would like to share some tips on what you should consider when it comes to distributing your content. We will answer questions such as why making conscious decisions and considering the best ways for content distribution is important.

The key to content marketing success

Content marketing should be on everyone’s radar because as we recently mentioned, content strategy is one of the top trends out there in the industry, and for good reason. Content marketing focuses on an ongoing process of storytelling through branding for industry players and offers an innovative and personalized way for online marketers to get closer to the intended online user. We recently discussed why online marketers should keep up with the content marketing status quo. This is mainly due to the access of a wide audience that you can target. This is based on what your content is about and how you deliver it. Differing from native advertising, the content marketing principal is to further benefit the client or customer with high-quality content that best shares informative, entertaining or educational information with its audience.

Which channels to consider when distributing

Do you want to distribute your content on news sites or social media? This is something to think about since both audiences have different content expectations. We recently conducted a market survey with eye square GmbH that highlighted online platform consumption. We found that more users are on social media sites, such as Facebook, however, news sites boast a higher focus intensity. Therefore, the quality of information proves itself as highly-valued and trusted on news sites. This means that when thinking about distribution, understanding what each channel offers and portrays will help determine and/or affect the performance and awareness your content will yield. Always be sure to understand which platforms or channels will best complement your content and if it makes sense to distribute there or not. Does the channel offer a gateway to the right audience? What image does the platform reflect, and does it fit my brand?

Weighing in your options to execute the best distribution

Before you distribute your content, the first vital thing to check off is that you have produced high-quality content. Consider branding your own content to distribute to help better communicate your own brand, and most importantly, your own message. This ensures a personalized and intimate touch on getting closer to your audience without being too aggressive. Effective storytelling in your content largely contributes its reception when distributed. In addition to the many available channels out there for your content, we also offer native content distribution, where we ensure that your content gets filtered to the most premium slots out there. We believe that high-quality content deserves a rewarding opportunity of awareness.

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