Have you ever had the pleasure of vacationing on the most beautiful beaches of Uruguay? Uruguay may be a small country in South America, however, it should not be underestimated. This country  is a force to reckon with as it offers more than must-see attractions, an enriching culture, and top gastronomic menus. Uruguay also greatly respects nature while radiating two humbling attributes: a particularly unique spirit and harmony in its broadest and deepest sets. Do you feel like visiting now? Find out more on how you can vacation in this beautiful country on the Uruguay Tourism Board online.

If you as the reader have been enticed and stopped to read the campaign-like text above of visiting Uruguay, you have just been hooked with powerful branded content.

Hooking your target audience’s interest goes beyond utilizing flashy images and quick-solution clickbait texts. As we have recently discussed, content marketing is a hot topic since the users’ online behavioral change. Nowadays, users quickly skim over campaigns, making it imperative for advertisers to focus on their strategies. With native advertising, users are not interrupted during their reading flow, however advertisers need to take the next level. Thus, advertisers should offer valuable content that associates with their brands when it comes to sharing their message. Today, we’d like to share a case study on how effectively communicating your message with powerful branded content amplifies your desired KPIs.

Where unobtrusive native advertising meets captivating content

Our Uruguay market recently developed a case study for their client, Uruguay Tourism Board. It has started on December 2017 and has since continued as “always on.” Since using recommendation ad formats containing an eye-catching image and a headline that hooks, a small but effective tactic yielded amplified KPIs for the campaign. Each recommendation ad consisted of creative editorial content similar to the website of the client, where the article was located. The takeaway? The relevant information of Uruguay as a vacation destination was packed with value. Here, the audiences were hooked and sought for more information. This drove satisfying traffic to the client.


In this image you can see a case study about Increasing your CTR with powerful Branded Content Campaigns

Keep your audience captivated: switch up your campaign with less flashy promotions and more added values

This content generation strategy was a joint work of creation, planning, and development involving four companies of the WPP group: Young & Rubicam, Burson Cohn & Wolfe, Wavemaker, and Xaxis. The campaign disperses among five different South American countries with 55 parts in Spanish and 25 parts in Portuguese. The countries include Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, and Uruguay itself, leading to campaign success thus far. Since starting, there has been up to a 200%+ CTR increase of the Recommendation Ad campaigns compared to its average CTR. This leaping increase is due to the specific content that upgrades from the general Recommendation Ad. This illustrates a higher probability of users finding interest in a campaign that has value-loaded branded content.

Benjamin Liberoff, the Vice Minister of Uruguay Tourism Board adds, “Adopting a new tool as native advertising was a great opportunity to understand the best way to reach the right audience with the right content, discovering valuable insights and improving the return of investment as never before.”

Along with his supporting colleagues, Liberoff can proudly celebrate their collective effort. This greatly resulted in reaching the right audience with the right tools set in place.

Deliver collaboratively: two heads are better than one

Native advertising executed with a strategy focus of quality branded content brings success potential. Additionally in this case, we celebrate the joint teamwork that took place. Working as a team divides the workload while multiplying promising results. Our Uruguay market is confident that this subtle optimization change on quality content will strengthen its continually active tourism promotion.

We as plista strongly believe in promoting quality native advertising to offer users a better online experience. Thus, we turn your content into business outcomes.

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