We recently teamed up with Locarta to measure the number of store visits generated by Subway’s “Fit Five” campaign, which was running with plista.  Held from May to August 2017, the campaign was part of a larger campaign planned and created by Essence, a Düsseldorf-based media agency. Thus, plista took part in the native ad section. Locarta, a location analytics startup, is the “Google Analytics” for the physical world. With its GPS and Wifi-fingerprint-tracking services, we found that our native campaigns showcasing Subway’s “Fit Five” impacted quite a number of users in Germany. Here, sporty and healthy women between the ages of 20-39 years old were targeted.

Connecting online and offline data for client’s success

We aimed to implement our online native ad formats within Subway’s “Fit Five” marketing campaigns while measuring the generated store visits with Locarta’s help. To achieve success, we used our Recommendation Ads, High Impact Ads, and Mobile Smart Media Ads through both desktop and mobile web channels. Locarta’s impressive tracking pixel technology executed the generated, offline store visit measurements. In addition, we implemented the Locarta technology through our digital campaign. This made it possible to track advertising contacts of the user. Therefore, Locarta’s GPS and WLAN Tracking services were able to track store-visiting users who had a campaign contact in advance.

The Subway success

We experienced an influx of success through Locarta’s KPI measurements and Subway’s campaign. Locarta found that Subway’s “Fit Five” campaign had 64 million impressions, where over 100,000 Locarta panel members had contact with the campaign. Meanwhile, over one million members had no campaign contact. Thus, the members who had contact with the campaign resulted in boosting more than an 18% visit uplift and an additional 122,458 on store visits. This achievement occurred all across the creative campaign board. Consequently, Subway’s Yoga campaign succeeded the most. Here, nearly 22 million impressions were reached, which earned a 32% visit increase alone. Last, but not least, the campaign resulted in 11% visits on desktop and a 15% visit increase on mobile. As seen with the yoga creative, the creation of these types of native ads fill a hole in marketing campaigns. This can majorly impact the results of user engagement.

The key takeaway

Our digital campaign for Subway combined with Locarta’s offline service leads to one very important outcome. We achieved success in bridging both online and offline data. Through this campaign, we have achieved many successes. Subway’s relevant and fitness-themed campaigns paired with plista’s effective ad formats targeted a greater reach of the health-conscious women demographic. These campaigns offered many special services and products from Subway. This led to an increase in interest and user engagement as more people interacted with the appealing and accessible ads. Finally, to enable both an uplift in reach and in user engagement, Locarta’s effective GPS and WLAN tracking tools made an impact in measuring users offline to participate in Subway’s online campaign.

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