Visuals make all the difference. For publisher sites, recommended ad slots placed in a certain order affects online visitors, which can yield greater, monetized outcomes. An online platform’s visual structure influences a “good” or “bad” user experience, yielding KPI success for online marketers.

Last time, we shared our case study on General Anzeiger’s widget performance increase. Today, we would like to build onto our optimization journey and share with you another publisher success. Check out our case study below.

We recently conducted an A/B test with Australian-based publisher,, where we altered the positioning of their ad slots. Our goal was to improve monetization and user stickiness on their site. To achieve our goal, we changed the recommended section from randomly-placed ads to grouped ad slots. Visually, the scattered ads restricted into an organized structure yielded us great results.

When switching it up yields greater results

Through this A/B Testing, we found that’s widget performance increased. Through rearranging the ad slots, we attained a 12% eCPM increase as well as a 39% CTR increase on onsite recommendations (OSR). These KPIs prove that in’s case, an organized layout offers a better user experience; although situational, this may be due to a visually-appealing structure to which the ads are placed. We recently discussed that this year’s industry trend of creative and appealing visuals are something that both advertisers and publishers should consider.

This image shows a Case Study where our client made small changes for a greater, monetized outcome

We care about our clients and believe in continuous improvement. Our case study of the A/B test shows that plista is not only constantly optimizing internally, but also externally to our clients. As a well-rounded service provider, we provide the tools that offer online marketers to yield the best results for their content, ads, and platforms.

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