Images and videos are essential in our visual world to reach a wider audience and to get people engaged. They need to be carefully planned and selected to add true value to your marketing mix. They should be visually appealing, relevant and appropriate for your company and the marketing channel. With this in mind this week’s topics are how to select the best images for your content, how reviews influence women’s shopping decisions, a guide to  for creating a 360-degree video and more!

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How to Select the Best Images for Your Content

People are inherently attracted by pictures: A well chosen image can increase engagement, reach a wider audience and maximize conversions. A short guide on convinceandconvert explains how to choose the right images and where to find them.

How Reviews Influence Women’s Shopping Decisions

Companies should make sure their online reputations are spick-and-span, as 44% of women admit to spend at least 20 minutes researching online before buying. An infographic from Influenster on Entrepreneur shows where woman seek out reviews, on what device they are reading them on and what matters most for them.

How to Create 360-Degree Videos

360° videos are becoming popular. But it isn’t as easy as buying a new camera and uploading your video online. Like any other visual content, it has to be created and shared strategically. Check out the interactive guide on hubspot to learn more about creating high-quality videos for social media.

5 Reasons to See Digital Advertising in a Different Light

Ad blockers are enjoying great popularity and usage rises. But online advertisement has much more to offer than annoying inappropriate content. An article on on the plista blog shows 5 reasons to see online ads in a different light.

Digital News Recap

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Author: Hannah Späth (Junior Manager Marketing & Communications)