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Mobile Advertising On The Rise – 4 Challenges To Keep An Eye On

The shift from laptops to mobile devices, becoming first screen in the long-term, is not a secret anymore. Emarketer predicts mobile advertising to represent more than a third of total media ad spending in 2019. Also plista already generated a third of the revenue via mobile inventory in 2016.

Mobile Advertising

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Survey: Advertising Effect of Native RecommendationAds


In times of banner blindness, ad blockers and decreasing effectiveness of display advertising, it is hard to reach the user’s attention. plista conducted a survey in collaboration with eye square to prove the advertising effect of plista Native RecommendationAds. The survey included an Online In-Context-Testing with live-ad replacement, webcam eye tracking and subsequent questionnaire about the advertising effect.

Read about the key findings in the following:

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Digital Trends: How to Create a Successful YouTube Channel

In order to publish good and engaging content, marketers need to focus on building up their channels the right way. Following detailed step by step guides can help you with that. With this in mind this week’s topics are: How to create a successful YouTube channel, 16 innovative content formats that audiences and publishers love and a 10-step guide for running an Instagram contest.

Digital Trends: How to Create a successful YouTube Channel

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New plista publisher dashboard with real-time insights

As a partner of thousands of publishers worldwide, one of plista’s main objectives is to support website operators with a 360° service and help them get the most out of their websites. Therefore, we have fundamentally revised our publisher dashboard: With its user-friendly interface and a vast range of features, the new dashboard provides plista publishers with even more comprehensive insights and real-time analytics.

plista Publisher Dashboard

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Digital Trends: 54 Must-Have Content Writing Tips and Tools

How can you write content which your audience actually enjoys reading? If you want to find the right words for them, you should keep on practicing and listen to the lessons other marketers share with you. With this in mind this week’s topics are: 54 content writing tips, tools and examples, the do’s and don’ts of social media market research and 20 must-have mobile apps for busy digital marketers.

plista Digital Trends: 54 Content Writing Tips

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Jumping, crawling and running: plista at XLETIX 2016

20 keen plistarians joined the XLETIX Challenge 2016 again at the Offroadpark Berlin/Brandenburg. Jumping, crawling and running together strengthens the team immensely. What we have gone through the 2,5 hours obstacle run, you can see in our video:

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Digital Trends: Why Creating a Personal Online Experience Is Crucial

3/4 of online customers get frustrated when website content doesn’t relate to their interests. So in order to stand out in an competitive landscape, marketers have to make web experience pleasant for users.  With this in mind this week’s topics in Digital Trends are: Why creating a personal online experience is crucial, infographics defined in 60 second, how to infuse your content with small stories for a big effect and a plista customer interview. Enjoy reading!

Digital Trends: Why Creating A Personal Online Experience Is Crucial

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Digital Trends: What You Should Know Before Sharing Your Content

When sharing content you expect a certain impact on your audience. As a first step there are different stats to keep in mind in order to be successful. Today in plista Digital Trends we show you the most important facts you should know before sharing your content, how to use audience data to power native ads and the difference between video marketing and video advertising.

Digital Trends: What You Should Know Before Sharing Content

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Case Study: TV News Channel Achieves 81% Increase of eCPM through Native Design Optimization

Case Study Publisher Native Design Optimization

User experience on websites is essential, so is a good ad experience. Publishers benefit from an attractive web design and a neat integration of ads, which leads to more page impressions, higher CTR and a greater length of stay. Our case study shows the major impact of design on widget performance and how plista can help publishers optimize their results.

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plista Australia caps off a huge Year of Growth

It’s a big milestone for plista Australia this week as the team celebrates the completion of its first year in business. Since launch, plista Australia has won significant publisher share in 2015 having launched on over 100 sites including the most premium inventory in the market.

Jana Kusick and Brett Poole on plista Australia's 1 year anniversary

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