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Global IT Recruiting: The Seven Key Learnings

Sarah Greiner-Miethe is Senior HR Manager at plista, one-stop solution for native advertising. There she is among others responsible for the recruitment of new professionals from the IT area. Those are in high demand on the market and often are from foreign countries.

Here, she speaks about typical barriers which occur in the hiring process of new team members and gives tips for a successful recruitment of international employees.

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Chatbots and Native – The Future of Advertising

Chatbots are enjoying great popularity these days and are helpful in many different situations:  There is a company that launched a chatbot that helps people to improve their credit score for instance. Another one helps users to contest parking tickets that were unfairly issued. Chatbots can also help you order a pizza, or give you medical or legal advice.

How chatbots can be useful in native advertising

Chatbots And Native – The Future of Advertising

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5 Reasons to See Digital Advertising in a Different Light

With 3,4 billion users worldwide in 2016 the internet is one of the strongest mediums. Consequently digital advertising is ubiquitous. The user is confronted with all different types of ads at any time. But this does not meet the approval of everyone and therefore ad blockers are enjoying great popularity and usage rises. Online advertisement has much more to offer than annoying inappropriate content. Here are 5 reasons to see online ads in a different light:

5 Reasons to see digital advertising in a different light

5 Reasons to see digital advertising in a different light

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Case Study: Mobile Design Optimization increases eCPM of 133%



As mobile usage increases, an optimized webdesign plays an important role for websites. It has a great impact on the publisher’s performance since an attractive mobile design determines the users’ length of stay and consequently the amount of ad impressions. Therefore, it is very important that the mobile website, especially the Article Widget, has an appealing design.

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4 Steps to Avoid Ad Blocking – IAB LEAN Approach


These days, things are not going very well in online advertisement, Scott Cunningham, Senior Vice President of Technology and Ad Operations IAB, admitted. The permanent optimization of digital advertising in terms of automation and targeting is at the expense of the user. Banner ads affect the battery life, slow down the website and consequently harm the user experience.

It is therefore no wonder that ad blockers are enjoying great popularity and usage rises. Ad blockers are filter programs that block advertisement on websites. The advantages are clear: Websites have faster loading times and users are not bothered by intrusive ads. Thus, the majority of advertising banners are cut out and not visible for the users.

But ad blocking software has become a danger for providing content at no charge. Furthermore, an important source of revenue for publishers as well as for advertisers disappears. As a result the LEAN programme has been set up by IAB.

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Native going native: A brief to fit 1000 countries

Plista Gründer und Management Shooting by Robert Wunsch

More industry consolidation will lead to native advertising success

Native advertising means one thing to Brits and another thing to a Chinese audience. Europeans consume content differently than Americans. For native content to truly go native, understanding and working with cultural differences is pivotal.

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Infographic: Which Native Ad Format is the right one?

Infographic: Which Native Ad Format is the right one

Today’s native landscape comprises various types of ad formats. The more choices available, the more difficult it is for media planners to choose the right native ad format for their campaigns.

What kind of marketing goals is an OutstreamAd suitable for? What are the differences compared to a Native VideoAd placed within a widget below an article? When is Native RecommendationAd the right choice?

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Auf Rekordjagd: dmexco 2016

Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference 2016 wir kommen

banner dmexco2016 plista blog

Bald ist es wieder soweit und die dmexco (Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference) 2016 öffnet für das who is who der Digitalwirtschaft ihre Tore, um die neusten Trends vorzustellen. Mit über 50.000 erwarteten Besuchern, mehr als 950 Ausstellern aus aller Welt und einer Expo Fläche von 85.000 m² werden mal wieder alle Rekorde gesprengt. Als Stammgast darf plista natürlich auch dieses Jahr nicht fehlen. Daher präsentieren wir auch in 2016 wieder unsere neuesten digitalen Lösungen und Technologien.

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Native Advertising vs. Content Marketing – Where Is the Difference?

In Online Marketing Native Advertising and Content Marketing are often used as synonyms although they describe different marketing approaches. But can you tell the difference? Let’s shed more light on the matter and start with a definition.

Image Native Advertising vs Content Marketing

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